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Olivier Bonnard’s mural for Art United Us x Sea Walls

Enriqueta Enriqueta
Enriqueta Enriqueta
Creative director and writer Enriqueta Arias has a passion for all things art and media.She is Founder and Executive Director of Artsynonym. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, a Minor in Arts & Communication from L’Institut d’Études Politiques, Sciences Po, Paris and is certified in Curatorial Studies by UAL: Central Saint Martins in London.She was editor of Juxtapoz Latin America Magazine for two years, specializing in new contemporary art and culture. She has been working as independent cultural manager and curator for several projects including Art Walk Mexico, UR ART Festival in Santa Monica, California, Firenze4Ever for Luisa Via Roma, with the Mexican artist Prince Lauder in Florence, Italy; International Public Art Festival in Holbox, Mexico, "Made by ... Feito by Brasileiros" with the Mexican artist Saner in Sao Paulo, Brazil, SXSW Festival with Mexican and international artists such as Smithe One, Seher One, Pogo & Caratoes.She collaborates with festivals and press including KAABOO ArtworK, ArtScape Festival, Art(Re)Public Festival, MURAL Festival as well as international media such as Instagrafite, Juxtapoz, NYLON, Montana Cans and Street Art News. She acts as a liaison between international media outlets and artists for PangeaSeed Sea Walls.
October 21, 2016
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Olivier Bonnard tackled this massive wall for the first ever PangeaSeed collaboration with Artsynonym and Art United Us as an ode to Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Canadian artist painted a mural designed to stimulate public awareness to the problem of war, aggression, violence and the consequences of human impact on the Black Sea.

His mural combines the role of Cossacks in the historical and cultural development of Ukraine and the consequences of human impact on the Black Sea, such as eutrophication, which gradually deteriorated and may result in the development of species with low nutritious value, including fish. It also leads to severe oxygen depletion and the so-called “dead zones,” where no animals can survive and biological diversity is lost.


Born in Sherbrooke and Montreal based, Olivier Bonnard is a surrealist painter who creates his own mythology, twisted deities, rulers and underdogs, inviting the viewer to wander around and discover an unlimited imagination and his unique oneiric world; half realistic, half fictional, surrounded by his traditional mastery with the paint brush.


For this project PangeaSeed teamed up with ArtUnitedUs — Iryna Kanishcheva & Geo Leros— for their ground-breaking urban art project which collaborates with more than 200 globally renowned artists through mural art and the promulgation of maintaining peace on Earth. — Enriqueta Arias

Here’s a recap video of Olivier’s mural in Eastern Europe! Enjoy!

Drone shot by Geo Leos
Video by Enriqueta Arias 
Music “If I Could Find You” by The Holydrug Couple

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