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Alexey Luka visited Mannheim to participate in the STADT.WAND.KUNST project. The Moscow-based artist spend a few days at the mural painting it in his typical abstract style. Choosing warm natural colors from the MONTANA GOLD Palette, he found a way to integrate his abstract shapes harmonically into the cityscape. Alexey Luka took elements from the environment and implemented them tenderly into his concept for the mural.

Alexey Luchko (Luka) was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1983. Genuinely established in the graffiti scene he studied architecture at at Moscow Architecture Institute. Alexey Luka developed a constructivist style with high recognition value. Influencing the Russian contemporary art scene, he usually works with abstract shapes and lines. His large, colorful artworks have been exhibited all over Europe.

Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS


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