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All of us at StreetArtNews are proud to present an open art competition “Gothenburg Art 21“, with a great cause and prospect.
This whole project is organised, managed and curated by a project called Let’s Colour Gothenburg. This project puts local unemployed youths into work, thus aiming to unite the city. During the project, all participating youths will be given training to become professional painters. The project will recruit youths from districts of Gothenburg, where the unemployment rate is very high. During the education the participating youths also get to reinvigorate the suburbs and paint with colours.
Entrants are able to choose the area that they thing is best-suited for their entry, and the set areas for the winners are located along a 21 km route. The 21 km (13 mile) route called “21 km of Art” is just one of several projects planned and so far in progress for Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in 2021. The route stretches from the Blå Stället Culture Centre in Angered, in the north-east of Gothenburg, to the Röda Sten art gallery in the west, cutting right through the centre of the city on its way. You can see the whole map here.
This contest will have 3 different tiers of winners. Diamond winning tier will have two winners, who will be invited to Gothenburg to paint their art entry in the 21 km stretch out of pre-set places and buildings. They will also receive 2000 euros each, with their flight and accommodation to stay covered by the organisation. Gold winners will get 1000 euros each, but their artworks will be made by unemployed youths from suburbs with high rate of unemployment, with help from experienced professionals. Lastly, the Silver winning tier will cover maximum of 2021 winners (!!!) and once again, they will be made by unemployed youths, with help from experienced professionals.
Please go ahead and submit your art entry right here. Do not forget, that by submitting and voting you are helping young adults to get into work. Hurry, only 3 weeks left! Once the entry period is over, voting will end almost a month after – on July the 3rd.



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