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ArtScape 2017 “The White Moose Project”

Enriqueta Enriqueta
Enriqueta Enriqueta
Creative director and writer Enriqueta Arias has a passion for all things art and media.She is Founder and Executive Director of Artsynonym. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, a Minor in Arts & Communication from L’Institut d’Études Politiques, Sciences Po, Paris and is certified in Curatorial Studies by UAL: Central Saint Martins in London.She was editor of Juxtapoz Latin America Magazine for two years, specializing in new contemporary art and culture. She has been working as independent cultural manager and curator for several projects including Art Walk Mexico, UR ART Festival in Santa Monica, California, Firenze4Ever for Luisa Via Roma, with the Mexican artist Prince Lauder in Florence, Italy; International Public Art Festival in Holbox, Mexico, "Made by ... Feito by Brasileiros" with the Mexican artist Saner in Sao Paulo, Brazil, SXSW Festival with Mexican and international artists such as Smithe One, Seher One, Pogo & Caratoes.She collaborates with festivals and press including KAABOO ArtworK, ArtScape Festival, Art(Re)Public Festival, MURAL Festival as well as international media such as Instagrafite, Juxtapoz, NYLON, Montana Cans and Street Art News. She acts as a liaison between international media outlets and artists for PangeaSeed Sea Walls.
August 5, 2017
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The White Moose Project in Värmland is Artscape’s biggest project to date. This summer 25 artists from all over the world are joining the art festival and taking over an entire region of Sweden.

ArtScape is a nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire people and promote public art.They believe that the dominance of advertising boards in the modern cityscape needs to be challenged. Great art shouldn’t be confined to only galleries and museums, that is why they push cultural boundaries every year, to create a bigger and extense community of art lovers and enthusiasts.

From July 24 July to 18 August these large-scale public art are taking place in Arvika, Filipstad, Forshaga, Grums, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Munkfors, Sunne, Säffle, Torsby and Årjäng.

Artscape is hosting a series of workshops – open to all ages and skill levels. The White Moose Project includes free artist talks and a panel discussion, among other events.

Their past editions in Malmö and Gothemburg have a very symbolic significance, not only for the urban landscape, but for the Scandinavian culture as well. For example, Gothenburg was well known for their zero tolerance to any kind of publica and Street art, but ArtScape resulted a great success, acomplishing 18 pieces of public art. The festival made the 10 cartiers of the city to get involved with the project, from dowtown to the suburbs, this was a groundbreaking concept showcasing what ArtScape is all about: Bringing art to the people.

The roaster of artists this year includes: Pantonio, Pastel, Ledania, Smug, BKFOXX, Yash, Vexta, Nomad Clan, Annatomix, Hitotzuki, Zadok, Tatiana Suarez, Hyuro, Wild Drawing, Sagie, Super-G, Henric Thag, Bordalo, Faith 47, Case Maclaim, Caratoes and  Shalak & Smoky.

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