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curated by Maya Hayuk and Alethia Weingarten, showcases the work of ten Williamsburg artists shaped by a history of activating creative shared space. The exhibition features painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video and musical programming.  This multifaceted show will be closing on January 20th and the GROWROOM // SHOWROOM would like to invite you for one last chance to check out the exhibition! 

“We pulled this show together in a couple of months with all of the artists volunterering their time, energy and expertise. Even though Alethia and I are the co-curators of the show, it was an incredible community effort. It all came very naturally to us, since we have all come up together – we bring each other up. Art is not a solo affair”
– Maya Hayuk

Hisham Bharoocha “Inter-Dimentional”

Wolfy Part II (TOPS CORP. / LUCAS FILMS). Paint/Marker on Empire Strikes Back Cards.

THE LIKES OF US features work from artists MAYA HAYUK, TUNDE ADEBIMPE, HISHAM BHAROOCHA, MORGAN BLAIR, TOM BUBUL, AMY GARTRELL, MICHAEL HAMBOUZ, JOHN ORTH, BENJY RUSSELL, & WOLFY PART II, all of whom are deeply engaged in community, activism, music and have a relationship with the GROWROOM // SHOWROOM and The Center for Advancement of Contemporary Art (C.A.C.A.) in some way. 

Tom Bubul “Philadelphia is Burning & Watermelon Is All That Can Cool It”, Maya Hayuk “Spiral Dynamic”, & Morgan Blair “Hells Angels Break Into Stop’N’Shop In Hudson MA, Reenact Scene From ‘Son In Law’ In Which Pauly Shore Wears The Fruit Hat”.

Wolfy Part II “Before Not Beyond”, Tom Bubul “Philadelphia is Burning & Watermelon Is All That Can Cool It”.

C.A.C.A. is an experimental, independent art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn run by Maya Hayuk since 2011. The 5000 square foot warehouse space houses Hayuk’s studio, a few other artists studios and the little gallery, GROWROOM // SHOWROOM. They’ve held intimate salons, raging parties, musical events, shot films, done weird workshops and and all kinds of other good stuff. 

Michael Hambouz “Stitch Witchery”.

John Orth “Tempus”

If this was not enough to get you out of the house, FACES OF DEATH (F.O.D.) will release its annual, ever-evolving iteration of zines which pay tribute to the past year’s fallen heroes and icons. Michael Hambouz has culled together portrait drawings and writings from countless international artists for the 2017 limited edition and in honor of F.O.D.’s 20th anniversary has partnered with Du-Good Press to publish a hand-silkscreened commemorative zine/print. These will sell fast so get there early!

AM “Embroidered Patch”, John Orth “Golden Age of Souvenirs”, Maya Hayuk “The Likes of Us”, Hisham Akira Bharoocha “Shore Obsessed Part 1”, Michael Hambouz “Use Your Illusion IV”, & Benjy Russell “Altar 33/42/31.1 N 118/17/38.4 W (The Reparation of Man)”.

Wolfy Part II “Before Not Beyond”.


“The Likes of Us”

December 5, 2017 – January 20, 2018
Curated by Maya Hayuk and Alethia Weingarten GROWROOM // SHOWROOM
700 Lorimer Street 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211 WWW.GROWROOMSHOWROOM.COM

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 20, 7 – 10PM

Amy Gartrell “RYB ‘Colorspaces’, CMYK ‘Colorspaces’, RGB ‘Colorspaces’, GB ‘Colorspaces'”, Tunde Adebimpe “Big Red & Tina”.

Benjy Russell “Altar 34/50/12.9 N 111/49/18.3 W (Dying Played Forward and Then Reverse”, Michael Hambouz “O.L.L.A.”.


All Photo’s Copyright 2017 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm.

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Canadian born, Brooklyn based photographer, Matthew Eller has built a name for himself through his street art photos and in-studio visit photo-shoots/interviews; Ron English, Buff Monster, Dain just to name a few.Not only an artist in his own right, he's an intellectual property attorney. Representing an array of who's who of Brooklyn street Instagram & Twitter: @ellerlawfirm