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“Eco Vs Ego” by Reskate in Grenoble, France

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July 23, 2020
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The spanish duo Reskate Collective realized a new mural in Grenoble, France for the 6th Edition of the Grenoble Street Art Festival ’20. Entitled the “Resilience” Edition, even this year GSAF managed to bring together a variety of artists in the capital city of the French Alps, promoting three months of installations, exhibitions, meet-ups and workshops. For this Edition, Maria & Javier designed a 20+ meters mural high entitled “Eco Vs. Ego”, a clear ecological message in line with the recurrent concern about Planet Earth’s environmental conditions.

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Always focused on social issues, the GSAF takes place in one of the very few cities having a regulation of advertising in public spaces. In 2014 the town council decided to suppress billboards, according to them “the information that advertising delivers is not useful for the citizens, it does not support local business and moreover attacks young people with images that reflect a society model that is catastrophic ”.

“Everywhere, everyday, our future depends on the inner battle between our ego and how much we care about the place we live in. We are all victims of advertising and executioners for Nature. The original proposal for this mural was to paint more letters on the top part. Due to the strong wind we had to dismiss that idea because of the instability of the lift was dangerous and made it difficult to work precisely in that zone. So we decided to paint only a few leaves at the top of it, let them fly in the same wind direction. Nature rules, always!”

Scroll down below for more images of this mindful piece.

Pictures by Florian Olivo

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