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“Let Only the Verb Remain in the Middle of the Jungle” by Milu Correch in Bueu, Galicia, Spain

October 11, 2022
1 min read
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Milagros Correch  (born 1991, Villla Urquiza, Buenos Aires), better known as Milu Correch, is an Argentine painter and muralist recognized internationally for her large scale murals and illustrations. Her work can be found in cities in Argentina and around the world.

Correch began her career as an artist in 2011 painting a street mural in Buenos Aires as she saw her home town getting filled with murals and fell in love with the format. She attended a workshop to learn the basic skills of mural painting led by Emy Mariani and Lean Frizzera, two Argentinian street artists from Buenos Aires. From the beginning, she decided to signe her works with her full name instead of using a pseudonym.

A mural “Let Only the Verb Remain in the Middle of the Jungle”  was made in Bueu, Galicia, Spain.

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