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Mural “Hermit Crab” by Nuno Viegas in Margate, United Kingdom

October 6, 2022
2 min read
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Nuno Viegas aka Metis, is a Portuguese artist born in Faro (1985) and raised in Quarteira.

He presents us a contrast between the visually aggressive and sometimes dirty reality of traditional graffiti and its peaceful and clean representation in his works. The approach to this theme is a continuous tribute to all those who dedicate part of their lives to this scene.

Developing paintings strongly influenced by and paying tribute to the graffiti scene, Viegas has seen his work across walls and art venues the world over.

Nuno about the project:  “This year I was invited to join the Rise Up Residency in Margate. This came with a great challenge to follow up with a theme and paint a piece that would speak up for the local community about the issues that have been brought up and fought by the Rise Up and Clean Up people.                                             It took me a while to find a nice concept that would still be about my usual language and iconography but also have a different speech towards the event’s theme.”

Inspired by Brock Davis and an image of an hermit crab he found while researching for this concept.

Take a look at more images below and check back with us soon for more updates.

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