The Crystal Ship: Ben Slow in Ostend, Belgium

British artist Ben Slow just wrapped up a large new mural on the streets of Ostend in Belgium for The Crystal Ship street art festival. The piece took about a week to complete and is entitled “An Ode To Love And Everything It Throws At You”. I painted this piece as a celebration of both

The Crystal Ship: Dourone in Ostend, Belgium

Dourone was also part of the year’s line-up for The Crystal Ship street art festival which took place on the streets of Ostend in Belgium. Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE was born in Madrid and raised in the countryside. Travelling extensively around the globe he’s a creative artist who loves to paint and be inspired by

“An affective bond” by Hyuro in Scotland

The one and only Hyuro just sent us some sweet images from her latest artwork which was just completed on the streets of Aberdeen in Scotland. In town for the latest edition of the Nuart Street Art Festival, Hyuro created another beautiful piece showing two of her signature females characters interacting with each other. The

The Crystal Ship: Colectivo Licuado

Colectivo Licuado is an artistic duo from Montevideo in Uruguay, created 5 years ago with Florencia Durán and Camilo Nunez. Mastering spray paint with a hyperrealistic style, their creations juxtaposes culture and traditions of the environment in which they work with their own style and a touch of art nouveau: skin tones, drapes, lighting and

“Fornever” Work in progress by D*Face in Paris

Ahead of his awaited solo exhibition Fornever at Galerie Itinerrance opening next week, British artist D*Face is back to Paris and currently painting a new mural in the 13th district. Here are some pics of the work in progress after the jump.

The Crystal Ship: Matthew Dawn in Ostend, Belgium

While you discovered some progress images a few days ago, Matthew Dawn has now just completed his latest mural for The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival. Taking place on the lovely streets of Ostend in Belgium, the street artist quickly worked his way through this impressive artwork which will surely be enjoyed by the local

“The Origin” By MØU for Mutante Creativo in Spain

MØU’s latest work was recently finished somewhere on the streets of Carballo in Galicia, Spain. Painted for the good people of Mutante Creativo, the mural a tribute to the millennial and medicinal waters of the village of Carballo, we immerse ourselves in its depths by seeking the secret, the essence, perhaps where everything started. Take a