“La Cuccagna” by Blu in Campobasso, Italy

The one and only BLU just unveiled a brand new and great street painting on the streets of Campobasso for the latest edition of the always excellent Draw The Line Festival. “La Cuccagna”, this title of the work shows Blu creating one of his personal criticism of our society and our modern life system. BLU proposes a strong

Kraser Tres for One Urban World festival in Cartagena, Spain

It has been quite a while since we heard from our good friend Kraser Tres, but he has just sent us some images of his latest work for One Urban World festival in Cartagena, Spain. Just like his previous pieces, the Spanish artist creates whimsical tales with representation, this time it is of a cheetah. Check out

KAWS “Blush” Companion Purchase Mailing List Launched

  Last month, for the opening of his exhibition “Where The End Stats” at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, Kaws unveiled a new limited edition color way for his set of companion figures. Coming in Full Body and Flayed, the companions feature a reddish “Blush” Colorway. Initially only available in Shanghai, the American artist just

“Brighter Days Are Coming” by Sepe in Russia

Sepe recently completed a beautiful wall in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in collaboration with Urban Nation Berlin, Goethe Institute and Street Art Museum. The theme was the 100th anniversary of October Revolution in Russia. Sepe’s painting is a pastiche of a painting by russian artist Ilja Riepin titled „Kurskaya Korennaya” ilustrating the Eastern procession in the district of Kursk. In

“Sense” by Elbi Elem in Valencia, Spain

Elbi Elem just sent us a series of images from her latest abstract artwork that was just completed somewhere on the streets of Valencia in Spain. With the intervention of “Sense” for the Mes Que Murs Street Art Festival that took place in the Port of Sagunto in Valencia, the artist wanted once again to integrate

David Walker in Lieusaint, France

David Walker recently returned from France where he just unveiled a brand new street art mural somewhere on the streets of Lieusaint. Painted for the Wall Street Art Festival, the British street painter spent several days to create this beautiful piece of work showing the portrait of a young lady called Yuli. We can recognize his unique

“Splash And Burn” Project in Indonesia

Over the course of last couple of months Ernest Zacharevic and a group of selected international artists secretly flew to Sumatra and Indonesia to produce a series of public works through the island. Focused on exposing the devastating consequences of illegal palm oil plantations, the project organizers recently revealed the show stopping works that instantly