Etien in Dubai, UAE

French street artist Etien, recently travelled to Dubai where he was invited to paint a new piece for the fourth edition of the Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival. Known for his stunning 3D anamorphic street art works, Etien brought to life this hyper-realistic piece showing two vibrant floating fish. The jar’s transparency effect showcase Etien’s

“The Care of Knowledge” by MP5 In Naples, Italy

This mural by MP5 was painted at the premises of the Women’s Documentation Center in the Spanish quarters in Naples, Italy. The Women’s Center contains a gender library and an archive of documents on national and international feminist movements. In the same building, there is also an anti-violence center frequented by many women, from the

Case Ma’Claim in Jumeirah, Dubai

German street artist Case Ma’Claim recently stopped by the district of Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he was invited to paint a new mural. In town for Dubai Canvas 2018 event, Case brought to life another large hyper-realistic piece of work which shows an Emirati fisherman carrying a giant Tuna on his back.

Belin in Shenzhen, China

Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes is a street artist from Spain, and on the street, people like to call him by his artist name “BELIN“. When he was a child, he applied his creativity within several areas through his own self-driven pursuit of knowledge. He sought information from libraries, museums and working at home, thus beginning

“Everything Gonna Be Ok” by Ludo in Paris, France

One of the most recognizable street and contemporary artist nowadays goes by the name of Ludo. His hybrid creatures mixing nature and technology draw attention to the influence that man-made machines have on our environment. Using as many as three primary colors – black, white and his trademark fluorescent green – Ludo tackles a wonderful

“El despertar del tiempo” by Liqen in Guadalajara, Mexico

After several years outside of Mexico, Spanish artist Liqen recently returned to Guadalajara where he was invited to work on a brand new artwork. Entitled “The Awakening Of Time”, Liqen spent several days working on this ultra detailed and colorful wall which shows some of his signature imagery. “In a world subjugated by the man-machine there

Martha Cooper: “On the Street“ at CAMERA – Italian Center for Photography in Turin, Italy

From March the 14th to April the 8th, CAMERA – Italian Center for Photography – hosts, in its Project Room, a section of the exhibition “Martha Cooper: On the Street”, curated by Enrico Bisi. The show is a part of Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus. The exhibition, the largest ever hosted in Italy, is totally