“Translucent Medusa”, a new mural by Nychos in Aalborg, Denmark

Nychos is the latest artist to bring his touch to the streets of Aalborg in Denmark thanks to the guys of We Aart.After a few days of work, the Australian artist created this technically impressive artwork entitled “Translucent Medusa”. Nychos says it was a real challenge to paint the translucent face over the skeleton and still

Axel Void paints a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark

While we last heard from him at Dismaland in the UK, Axel Void is now in Northern Europe where he was invited to work on a new piece in Aalborg, Denmark. In town with We Aart, the Spanish street artist once again created a powerful piece showing the head of a young man wrapped in

CYRCLE unveils a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark

Our friends from CYRCLE are currently in lovely Denmark where they were invited by the good lads from Weaart to create a new piece on the streets of Aalborg.Entitled “Return”, the Los-Angeles-based duo quickly worked their way through this large-scale piece showing a silhouette portrait fading from White to Grey and turning up into a beautiful

M-City paints a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark

M-City is currently in Aalborg, Denmark where he spent the last few days working on a new mural for WeAart.Entitled “826”, the Polish street artist brought to life this massive piece showing some of his unique robotic / machinery imagery. “826” shows a futuristic giant robot using a jackhammer to dig a big hole in

Wes21 and Onur collaborate on a new piece in Aalborg, Denmark

Along with the piece from Conor Harrington which you discovered yesterday, Wes21 and Onur are also in Aalborg, Denmark where they just finished working on a new piece.Invited by the Gallery Kirk,  the newly formed duo quick worked their way on this new piece entitled “Big Catch”. The artworks feature some of their photo-realistic imagery

Conor Harrington creates a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark

Invited by the good lads from Gallery Kirk, Conor Harrington landed in Denmark where he spent about three days working on a massive building.Painting on a quiet residential street of Aalborg, the Irish muralist brought to life this beautiful monochrome artwork depicting one of his signature colonial characters. Using a black-background, the piece really pops

Waone from Interesni Kazki unveils a new piece for We Aart in Aalborg, Denmark

While you discovered some images from AEC’s piece a few days ago, the other half of Interesni Kazki just wrapped up his solo piece for We Aart in Aalborg, Denmark.The Ukrainian muralist painted this beautiful piece which is featuring a reindeer-human hybrid which seem to be inspired by Scandinavian folklore.Continue reading for a closer look

AEC from Interesni Kazki creates “Lighthouse” For We Aart In Aalborg, Denmark

AEC and Waone from Interesni Kazki are currently spending a few days in Denmark where they were invited to paint for the first edition of the excellent We Aart Festival.Working on solo walls, AEC is the first one to complete his offering to the streets of Aalborg with this beautiful piece entitled “Lighthouse”. Featuring his signature illustrative