Video: Fordistas @ Miami’s Art Basel 2014

Founded in 2010 by the Wynwood-based creative lab product/81 and in partnership with the Ford Motor Company, the Fordistas Residency program has sought to explore the evolution of work by street and graffiti artists when placed in a gallery environment.The Art Basel closing exhibition featured works by 2501, 2Alas, Alexis Diaz, Elian, Pastel, Jufe, Ever

Video: PangeaSeed “Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans” @ Art Basel: Wynwood, Miami

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a brilliant street art project created by PangeaSeed members and supporting artists to help bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe via public art. Last December, together with 6 internationally renowned artists and project partners 1xRun and Sean Havas Gallery, PangeaSeed

Alexis Diaz unveils a brand new “Octophant” in Wynwood, Miami

Late last night, our friend Alexis Diaz wrapped up his latest offering to the streets of Miami in Florida with this brilliant mural.Painting at the Wynwood Walls, the Puerto Rican muralist and his tiny brushes spent a few days working on this brand new “octophant” which is once again featuring a gazillion details. The previous

Art Basel ’14: New collaboration and solo murals by JAZ an 2501 in Wynwood, Miami

Our friends Franco Fasoli aka JAZ and 2501 were also in Miami where they teamed up to work on a new collaboration and solo pieces in Wynwood, Miami.The newly formed duo spent a few days working on the above artwork which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style. The Italian artist also painted one of his

Art Basel ’14: Morik creates a new mural in Wynwood, Miami

Hailing from the cold shores of Sibera, Morik was also in Wynwood where he was given the chance to paint a new piece at the Miami Ad School for Art Basel 2014.The Russian street artist spent a few days working on this beautiful piece which was inspired by the issues of cuban immigration to the

Art Basel ’14: Axel Void paints “Life”, a new mural in Wynwood, Miami

Living in Miami, it was only natural for Axel Void to get busy on the streets of Wynwood for Art Basel 2014.The Spanish artist was invited to paint for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School where he spent a few days working his magic on this building. The image of this

Art Basel ’14: Case Ma’Claim unveils a second mural in Wynwood, Miami

While you discovered his first piece at Wynwood Walls a few days ago, Case spent some more time in Miami where he just finished working on this second artwork.This piece is dedicated to a female student named Tugce Albayrak. She was beaten to death by two guys. Just because she tried to stop those guys

Art Basel ’14: Pastel and Jufe paint a collaborative piece in Wynwood, Miami

Pastel and Jufe recently joined forces to work on this new collaborative piece in Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel 2014. This piece was painted as part of the Raw Project located at the Jose de Diego Middle School and curated by WynwoodMap.The Argentinean-Puerto Rican duo worked together on a representation of the plants as a funeral