Evoca1 unveils “Imperishable Relics”, a new mural in Vienna, Austria

Our friend Evoca1 is currently in Europe where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Vienna in Austria.Entitled “Imperishable Relics”, the Miami-based artist dropped some heat with this fantastic piece of work. This piece wurated by INOPERAbLE Gallery, with the support of Liquitex Artist Materials.In the late 1940’s,

Tiny Street Art by Jana & JS in Salzburg, Austria

Our friend Jana & JS just sent us a series of fresh images from their newest street pieces which were painted in a train station around Salzburg in Austria.This time around, the paintings are pretty small, the French-Austrian couple wanted to use some of the elements of the station to integrate their works in. Hit the

“Unsticker”, a new mural by Millo in Vienna, Austria

Our friend Millo just spent his week-end his Vienna, Austria where he was invited to participate for the first edition of the Calle Libre Street Art Festival.Entitled “Unsticker”, the Italian illustrator and muralist created this signature black and white mural showing one of his unique characters unsticking the city which is painted on the wall.Reconvene

Jana & Js produce a new mural in Vienna, Austria

Jana & JS just got back from Vienna, Austria were they spent the last days painting this brand new wall for the 12th district local council. The project was supported by the Meidlinger Kulturkreis (which is the cultural organisation for this disctrict of Vienna).The French Austrian duo brought to life some of their signature imagery

Nychos “Dissection Of A Polar Bear”, a 5 stories piece in Vienna, Austria

Master surgeon Nychos is back in Vienna, Austria where he spent the last few days working on a gigantic piece entitled “Dissection Of A Polar Bear”.As usual with the Austrian street artist, he is mainly working with anatomic elements, dissecting cartoon-like characters, animals or dinosaurs to show his interpretation of their insides.The mural not only

Jana & JS bring new pieces to the forest of Salzburg in Austria

Street Art couple Jana & JS just sent us a small series of some tiny pieces they’ve been working on somewhere in the first of Salzburg in Austria.The French-Austrian duo brought to life some of their signature characters using trees as an unusual canvas. The result is beautiful and mesmerizing.As usual, a few more images

Jana & Js paint a new piece in Salzburg, Austria

Jana & Js are currently in Austria where they’ve spent their weekend exploring abandoned structures around the city of Salzburg.The French-Austrian street art couple quickly worked their way through this signature piece which will surely brighten the visit of the random lurkers.Continue reading for a closer look at this sensual artwork and as usual check

REKA paints a new street piece in Vienna, Austria

Our friend James REKA just made a quick stop through Austria where he was able to paint a quick piece somewhere on the streets of Vienna.James Reka is a young contemporary Australian artist based in Berlin, Germany. His origins lie in the alleyways and train lines of Melbourne’s inner-suburbs where he spent over a decade