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Gaia x Cyrcle New Mural – Vienna, Austria

July 28, 2014
1 min read
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Gaia and Cyrcle are currently in Europe where they just finished working on this collab somewhere on the streets of Vienna in Austria.
Invited by Cash Cans and Candy, the newly formed duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.

The piece features as its central focus the personification of the Danube and Inn River produced by Hugo Haerdlt for the Pallas Athen Fountain. The background is comprised of Jewish department stores matched with their current day renovations and the various redevelopments of the Stafa. Paired with some of these buildings are the portraits of modern architect Otto Wagner, christian socialist politician and anti semite Karl Lueger, and neoclassical architect Theophil Hansen. The lone building of religious significance is the Leopoldstadt Synagogue positioned between the two figures.

Reconvene after the jump for more images on this collaborative artwork and then check back with us shortly for more mural updates.

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