Farid Rueda new pieces in Bogota, Colombia

Farid Rueda just took a quick trip in Colombia to visit Bogota where he was able to work his magic on a new piece. Entitled “Remember”, the piece talks about the military repression towards the local indigenous tribes. The Mexican artist paint two animals that symbolically represents the struggle. The eagle is the oppressor that

Farid Rueda unveils “Cacomixtle”, his newest mural in Monterrey, Mexico

Our friend Farid Rueda is currently in Monterrey, Mexico where he was invited to paint for the fifth edition of the Callegenera Street Art Festival.As usual with the Mexican muralist, he brought to life yet another highly impressive artwork featuring one of his vibrant and lovely creatures. This techno-racoon was painted using different patterns and

“Wings Of Destiny” a new mural by Farid Rueda in Mexico DF

Farid Rueda just sent us some images from his newest mural “Wings Of Destiny” which is located on the streets of his hometown Mexico DF.This piece was made in an old neighborhood in Mexico City, called “The Eagle”. This location is named after a factory that served as support to several families at the beginning

Farid Rueda paints “Balam”, a new piece in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

After several days of work, Farid Rueda has just finished working on a brand new piece in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.Entitled “Balam” which means “Son of the Sun” in Maya language and is how they referred to the Jaguar. The artist used his signature technique of kaleidoscopic colorful patterns to create this beautiful mural.Continue reading

Farid Rueda unveils a new series of murals on the streets of Mexico

2015 is starting well for Farid Rueda which somehow already managed to complete four large-scale murals on the streets of Mexico DF, Queretaro and Coyoacán in Mexico.Entitled “Scream”, “TECOLOTL”, “Cantos de Color” or “Coyohuacan”, the Mexican muralist dropped some impressive animal-themed pieces which are sure to brighten the residents’ neighborhood.Reconvene after the jump to discover