Mural 2017: Work in progress by Fintan Magee in Montreal

Australian artist Fintan Magee who has been featured on Streetartnews countless times is one of the artists participating for the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival and here is his work in progress update… In the pictures you are able to see the mural starting to go up covering already done outlines with two of artists signature characters, one of

Fintan Magee in CBD, Melbourne

Our good friend Fintan Magee paints another large scale portrait tucked away in a back lane in Melbourne’s central business district, this time of an old friend of his from his hometown Brisbane. Fintan Magee has established himself in recent years as a prolific mural painter, comes from a family with a creative interests; his

“The Rebuild” a new mural by Fintan Magee in Kiev, Ukraine

Eastern Europe is once again welcoming Fintan Magee which just finished gracing the streets of Kiev in Ukraine with a brand new mural.Entitled “The Rebuild”, the talented Australian street artist unveils a beautiful scene showing a young woman holding a bunch of branches in her arms. Marking the beginning of a rebuild, the scene seems

Fintan Magee “The Water Carriers”, a new installation in Sydney

Fintan Magee just sent us a series of images from his newest installation which was just completed somewhere on the streets of Sydney, Australia.The image of the children is taken from a photograph from a discarded newspaper clipping. The work shows seven Syrian refugee children, at first they appear as regular children but as you

“Housing Bubble”, a mural by Fintan Magee in Sydney

Freshly returned from Cozumel in Mexico, our friend Fintan Magee is already back at work on the streets of his hometown, Sydney in Australia.After a few days of work on his scissor lift, the Australian street artist created yet another impressive piece of art which is entitled “Housing Bubble”.Fintan’s art is recognizable through it’s sheer

SeaWalls ’15: “The Spear Fisherman”, a new mural by Fintan Magee in Cozumel, Mexico

After bringing you some exclusive images a few days ago, Fintan Magee has now wrapped up his piece for PangeaSeed and SeaWalls in Cozumel, Mexico.Entitled “The Spear Fisherman”, This mural depicts, as the title states, two local spear fisherman. Since an invasive species of lion fish has arrived in the Caribbean it has caused extensive

SeaWalls ’15: Work In Progress by Fintan Magee in Cozumel, Mexico

Yesterday, our friend Fintan Magee started working on his piece for PangeaSeed and SeaWalls ’15 on the lovely island of Cozumel in Mexico.The Australian street artist visited Cozumel’s harbor to snap pictures of several local fisherman which are now being turned into a large piece of art. After just a few hours of work, the

“The Dreamer”, a mural by Fintan Magee in Kiev, Ukraine

While you discovered his first piece in Kiev a few days ago, Fintan Magee spent some overtime in Ukraine where he was given the opportunity to work on a second artwork.The Australian muralist created this superb piece of work which is entitled “The Dreamer”. As usual with Fintan Magee, he painted yet another super-sized mural