Hush New Mural For Nuart In Stavanger, Norway

Newcastle-based street artist Hush also landed in Stavanger, Norway for the 2013 edition of the excellent Nuart Street Art Festival.Based on a “Matryoshka” shape, Hush continues to work on the female figure in art, mixing it up with graffiti and tagging to take a more contemporary route.Check it out from more angles after the jump and

Stohead New Mural In Cologne, Germany

Stohead is best known for combining a graffiti-based style with classical calligraphy to produce letters that are at once figurative and abstract. The German artist is now in Cologne where he just finished working on this intense mural for CityLeaks 2013.Stohead paints letters in individual strokes, using broad-tipped, traditional round-tipped or homemade instruments to achieve

Nychos x DXTR x Gevaer New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

While you discovered their first collaboration for Galore a few days ago (covered), Nychos and DXTR are at it again but this time they teamed up with Gevaer.Followed by our friend Henrik Haven, the newly formed trio quickly painted this fun piece somewhere in Copenhagen, Denmark.Anyways, stay tuned after the jump for the full gallery

JADE x MDC New Mural In Bogota, Colombia

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago in Peru (covered), JADE has now arrived in Bogota, Colombia.Just arrived for his second visit in Bogota, the Peruvian painter teamed up with local artist MDC to paint this beautiful piece mixing portraiture and graffiti elements.It’s likely that JADE will be busy in Bogota again,

Hopare New Mural In Limours, France

Hopare spent his Sunday afternoon crafting this beautiful mural in Limours, a city in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France.The French muralist delivers yet another signature piece featuring his colourful abstract lines.Check back with us soon for more graffiti updates from Hopare… More pictures after the jump…

James Kalinda New Mural In Parma, Italy

After a massive collab earlier this month (featured), James Kalinda continues to explore the abandoned places in Parma where he just painted this indoor piece.Painted using brushes, the Italian artist delivers yet another amazing mural featuring his unique and distinctive dark imagery.Check back with us soon for more street art updates from Italy…

Smug New Mural In Hasselt, Belgium

Yesterday afternoon, Smug spent a few hours working on this new mural in Hasselt, a Belgian city and municipality, and capital of the Flemish province of Limburg.Collaborating with Dater, Chas and Panik on a large mural for the Street Art Festival, the Glasgow-based painter delivers one of his signature photo realistic portrait.If you want to

Jade New Mural In Lima, Peru

Jade has been rather prolific since three months and here is his new offering to the streets of Lima, Peru.Painted in the district of Chorillos, Jade delivers yet another large-scale mural featuring one of his signature characters.Continue below for more angles and check back with us soon for more Street Art from South America… More