“Recuperem La Punta, aturem la ZAL” by Hyuro in Valencia, Spain

The one and only Hyuro has just wrapped up a fresh mural on the streets of Valencia. Located in the La Punta is a neighbourhood, most known for its historic and traditional orchards. Despite being recognized as a “non-developable area of special protection”, it has been a victim of repeated abuses by administrations… The natural environment and social fabric in

Hyuro, a large mural in Ravenna, Italy

Hyuro recently spent some time in Ravenna, Italy for the Subsidence Festival where she created this new piece entitled: ¨25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women¨Located in the ¨Giardino Sorelle Mirabal¨ of Ravenna, the piece was named this way in honor to the Mirabal Sisters, four Dominican sisters who opposed the

“It’s Forbidden To Forbid”, a new mural by Hyuro in Niort, France

Our friend Hyuro just got back from France where she was invited to paint a large mural somewhere on the streets of Niort for Le 4eme Mur Festival.The piece is entitled “Il Est Interdit D’interdire” (It’s Forbidden To Forbid). “This wall doesn’t speak solely through context, but it does speak about our time. It tells

Hyuro paints a new mural in San Potito Sannitico, Italy

Our friend Hyuro is currently in Italy for the Fate Festival where she was invited to create a new piece somewhere on the streets of San Potito Sannitico.Entitled ¨Empowerment spaces¨, the Argentinean muralist created this great piece showing several bodies of woman wearing dresses.  As usual with Hyuro, her pieces always explores the social condition

Artist Interview: Hyuro

We all know Hyuro for her uncanny dreamlike women. Her black-and-white characters, painted on walls around the world, offered us a distinct narrative of what surrounds us. We reached Tamara during one of her usual busy days, for a nice chat about the current state of her art, and the awareness of the importance of

Hyuro creates a new mural in Poggibonsi, Italy

Hyuro was recently in Poggibonsi, Italy where she was invited to create a new piece for the DOTS Street Art Festival.Painting on a third age care center, the Argentinean muralist quickly worked her way through this signature piece depicting an old lady knitting what looks to be an oversized duvet.Continue reading for more images and

Hyuro paints a new piece at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain

Hyuro was invited to participate and paint for the 10th edition of the excellent Poliniza Festival which was recently held at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain.The female muralist was given the opportunity to work her magic on a large-scale mural located at the university’s entrance. The result is a beautiful piece showing a group of women

Hyuro unveils two new murals in Dunedin, New Zealand

Our friend Hyuro is currently in New Zealand where she spent the last few days working on new artworks somewhere on the streets of Dunedin for the excellent Dunedin Street Art Project.As usual with the popular street artist, her works explore the social condition of women and men, in a somewhat rather mysterious and intriguing