Artist Interview: Kobra

Brazil’s Eduardo Kobra continues to put up fantastic works all over the world. Using bright colors filled with different textures, lines, and shading, Kobra’s works are striking in the city settings where they are often found. Kobra uses methodical grid planning, masterful shading and swirling effects to complete massively-scaled portraits that are typically done on

“The Times They are A-changing”, a new mural by Edoardo Kobra in Minneapolis, USA

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has just finished his latest artwork located somewhere on the streets of Minneapolis in the USA. This massive wall, entitled as “The Times They are A-changing”, is 92 feet high by 150 feet long and depicts the American composer and musician Bob Dylan in three different stages of his career. As

Edoardo Kobra paints a new mural in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kobra is back in Brazil where he spent the last few days working on a massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Sao Paulo.This 7 x 11 meters piece is entitled “Genial Is Riding a Bike” and show Einstein painted his Kobra’s signature kaleidoscopic style. On the front of the bicycle Kobra has inserted

Kobra unveils a new mural in Papeete, Tahiti

Kobra was also part of this year’s lineup for the Ono’U Festival in Papeete, Tahiti where he worked on a brand new mural.The Brazilian artist and his assistants quickly worked their way through this signature piece showing two portraits of Polynesian girls in his signature kaleidoscopic style.Continue reading for more detailed images from this artwork

Kobra creates “The Bedouin”, its latest piece in Dubai, UAE

UAE is booming with public art and Edoardo Kobra is the latest artist to bring his artwork to the streets of Dubai.Entitled The Bedouin”, the Brazilian street artist painted this 26 meters high by 11 meters wide building which is now featuring one of signature kaleidoscopic portraits. The Bedouin are an Arab ethnocultural group, descended from

Kobra paints a massive new mural in Recife, Brazil

Eduardo Kobra is currently in Brazil where he just finished working on this massive new piece in Recife, the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the country with 3,743,854 inhabitants.The Brazilian artist spent a few days working on what is now one of the highest wall in the world with this 80 meters high artwork. The piece is depicting

Kobra paints “Fight For Street Art” in New York City, USA

While we last heard from him last month in Sweden, Kobra is now in New York City where he just wrapped up this brand new piece.Painting on Bedford and N9, the Brazilian artist brought some of his kaleidoscopic imagery for the locals to enjoy. This one is featuring Basquiat, Warhol and is dubbed “Fight For

Kobra unveils “Arthur Rubinstein” for Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland

After Sweden and Boras, Kobra and his team are now in Eastern Europe where they travelled to attend the Urban Forms Festival in Lodz, Poland.The Brazilian artist painted this tribute to Arthur Rubinstein using his signature kaleidoscopic and colorful style. Arthur Rubinstein, KBE was a Polish American classical pianist. He received international acclaim for his performances