Ever paints a large mural in Harlem, New York City

Ever was also part of this year’s line-up for Monument Art which took place on the busy streets of Harlem in New York City.“The second conquest” is a piece that reflects reality, future and progress. The three characters describe the American reality, their new skin, new protagonists. Based on photos taken by Martha Cooper in

“Wu-Tang Care Bears”, a new piece by Jerkface in New York City

Yesterday afternoon, Jerkface spent his sunday working on a brand new piece in Nolita, New York City.After a few hours of work, the American artist unveiled this piece showing a crossover between the Wu-Tang Clan and the Care Bears. Jerkface’s street art is described as whimsical and nostalgia-inducing, and his pop culture paintwork has become

‘Estamos Todos Los Que Cabemos’, a new mural by Faith47 in New York City

Our friend Faith47 is currently in North America where she just finished working on a brand new mural in Harlem for Monument Art.This new piece was painted as part of the monument art NYC project which is focusing on the issue of immigration. ‘estamos todos los que cabemos’ speaks of the migrationary patterns of birds, observing

Nemo creates a second mural on the streets of New York City

While you discovered his first piece in Big Apple a few days ago, Nemo is still busy in New York where he just finished working on a second mural.Entitled “Stoks – Pillory”, the Italian artist quickly created this interesting piece showing one of his signature characters stuck inside a television pillory. Pretty straightforward, this piece goes

“Marvin The Martian”, a new mural by Jerkface in the Lower East Side, NYC

Jerkface spent his sunday afternoon working on a brand new street piece in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.The American artist painted this mind-boggling version of “Marvin The Martian”, a popular character from Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. With yet another nostalgia-inducing mural, this artwork by Jerkface will sure be enjoyed by

A new series of pieces by WK Interact in New York City

Busy summer for WK Interact which just finished installing several new pasters around New York City.Borned in Caen, France in 1969, but he’s been based out of New York City for the past 20 years. WK’s technique of shifting images during photocopying creates a distorted vision of the human body in motion; the techniques have

Pixel Pancho unveils a new mural in Brooklyn, New York City

Pixel Pancho is now in North America where he just started his US tour in New York City and the trendy district of Brooklyn.After several days of work riding his cherry picker in the sky of Bushwick, the popular Italian street artist created this signature artwork showing a beautiful lady robot wearing a dress made

“1 Gram”, a new mural by Nemo in New York City

Our friend Nemo is currently in North America where he just finished working on a strong new piece somewhere on the busy streets of New York City.Entitled “1 Gram”, the Italian artist brought to life this signature piece showing one of his unique characters using a butcher meat slicer to slice his head into One