Orticanoodles New Mural In Rio, Brazil

Italian artists Orticanoodles are in South America where they just completed this huge new stencil on the streets of Rio De Janeiro.This new mural is a portrait of Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira, better known as Gilberto Gil, a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, known for both his musical innovation and political commitment.

“Street Smart” New Group Show Bergen, Norway April 25th

The Norwegian Goblin Mag presents “Street Smart” their very first group exhibition at Bergen Kjøtt in the hanseatic city of Bergen in Norway.This new exhibition will be showing original pieces by Fin DAC, Martin Whatson, DotDotDot, Icy and Sot, Orticanoodles, BTOY, L.E.T, Thomas Donaldson, Decycle, Vanessa Dakinsky, Dillon Boy and Roamcouch who also designed the exhibition’s flyer. The exhibition will open on 25th and run

Orticanoodles “La mano de Dios | Portrait of Maradona” New Edition Available Now

Italian duo Orticanoodles aka Wally and Alita just released a new edition titled “La mano de Dios | Portrait of Maradona”, this is an edition of 15, each is unique, measures 70x100cm, spray painted handcut stencil on Fedrigoni paper 220g, signed and numbered by Orticanoodles. Available now HERE  for 350Euros each

Orticanoodles “Portrait of Bill Gates” New Edition Available Now

Italian artist Orticanoodles just dropped a new edition titled “Portrait Of Bill Gates”, this is an edition of 15, measures 70x100cm, Spraypaint handcut stencil on Fedrigoni paper 220g, signed and numbered. These are priced 400 Euro each and can be purchased by emailing [email protected]

Orticanoodles “Portrait Of Salvador Dali” New Edition Available Now

Orticanoodles just dropped a new Stencil edition “Portrait Of Salvador Dali”, this is an edition of 15, each being different, measures 70x100cm, spray paint on handcut stencil, signed and numbered. Avilable now HERE for 320 Euro

Orticanoodles “Rita Levi-Montalcini” New Mural In Carrara, Italy

Orticanoodles was in Carrara, Italy for an event called “Fortitudo Mea In Coloris” to paint a new piece. This piece is a handout stencil, measures 4×4 meters and the face is “Rita Levi-Montalcini” an Italian nobel prize. The text reads “Meglio Aggiungere Vita Ai Giorni, Che Non Giorni Alla Vita” (“Better to add life to

Orticanoodles “Jesus” New Sticker Packs Available Now

Orticanoodles just released a brand new sticker pack, 12 Hand screen printed stickers on weatherproof vinyl, containing 2 large and 10 regular stickers. Metal stickers are screen printed onto self adhesive lacquered aluminum and also includes at least 2 regular size metal stickers. Available Here for £5 or £7 for the metal version

Orticanoodles “In Memory of Frida Kahlo” New Originals Available Now!

Orticanoodles – Pensando alla Morte | In Memory of Frida Kahlo [1907-1954] Handcut stencil and spraypaint on 220gsm Fedrigoni paper. Dimensions: 70cm. x 100cm. Signed and nuumbered edition of 15 unique pieces, each accompanied by a COA. Price: €320 Click HERE for availability.