“The Poacher” by Dulk for Pow! Wow! Long Beach in California

Dulk aka Antonio Segura Donat has just sent in some images of his latest wall that he painted in Long Beach, California. Known for his murals of extinct animas and global warming – this is another mural touching on the subject of poachers, with the mural being called “The Poacher”. ​Modern-day poaching is no longer about taking one

James Jean unveils a new piece in Long Beach for Pow! Wow!

James Jean was also in California for the excellent Pow! Wow! Long Beach which took place earlier this month.The American artist spent a few days up high on his cherry picker to create this minimalist monochrome piece which is featuring some of his unique and distinctive imagery.Continue reading for more detailed images by Brandon Shigeta

Tristan Eaton creates a large piece for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

Our buddy Tristan Eaton was part of the first edition of Pow! Wow! Long Beach which just took place in California.Entitled “The American Way”, the American street artist brought some of his signature patchwork imagery for the locals to enjoy. The piece is inspired by Margaret Bourge-White’s 1937’s photograph.Continue reading for a bunch of extra

Madsteez & Hueman collaborate on a new piece in Long Beach, USA

Our friend Madsteez just finished working on a large new piece in Long Beach where he teamed up with Hueman.In town for the first edition of Pow! Wow! Long Beach, the newly formed duo quickly worked their way through this gigantic and impressive mural which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Hit the jump