ROA Paints a New Mural In Kiev, Ukraine

Right before flying to Bali for the inaugural TropicaFestival, our friend ROA spent some time in Kiev. Invited by the curators Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva and Waone Interesni Kazki, the Belgian artist painted this large new mural on a side facade of a 5 storey building for the ongoing ArtUnitedUs  project. Using a lot of negative space to emphasize

ROA – Hic Svnt Dracones (Here Be Dragons) – Melbourne 2016

I first actually met ROA at the Outpost Project in Sydney back in 2011. We had a brief exchange as he was up high on a scissor lift painting a large mural across the whole side of a building. In 2012, he came to Melbourne, created the controversial solo exhibition Carrion, visited Healesville Sanctuary and painted a few incredible pieces (video here) and before

ROA paints a large shark in La Perla, Puerto Rico

As a wrap up of his productive residency in Puerto Rico with JUSTKIDS, ROA dropped one last piece at the iconic bowl of La Perla. La Perla is a historical community astride the northern historic city wall of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, stretching about 650 yards along the rocky Atlantic coast. It took ROA

ROA paints a massive mural in Harlem, NYC for Monument Art

While we last heard from him in Fort Smith, Arkansas ROA was just in New York City painting a massive new piece with the good folks over at the Monument Art. The eternally traveling street artist spent about a week up on a boom lift painting four different animals on the streets of East Harlem. The end-result

Unexpected ’15: “The Otter”, a new mural by ROA in Fort Smith, Arkansas

After a cute mole a few days ago, ROA just finished working on a massive otter on the streets of Fort Smith, Arkansas.In town for the excellent Unexpected Street Art Festival, the globe-trotting Belgian artist spent three days up high on his cherry picker to create another one of his adorable monochrome creatures. As usual

Unexpected ’15: ROA paints a new mural in Fort Smith, Arkansas

While you discovered some exclusive progress shots a few days ago, ROA has now wrapped up his first piece on the streets of Fort Smith in Arkansas.In town for the Unexpected Street Art Festival curated by JustKids, the globe-trotting Belgian street artist brought to life another one of his lovely monochrome creatures. This time around,

Unexpected ’15: Work in progress by ROA in Fort Smith, Arkansas

While we last heard from him in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ROA has now reached Arkansas and the lovely city of Fort Smith for the Unexpected Festival which is curated by JustKids. After just two days of work under the intense heat, the globe-trotting Belgian street artist is almost done with another of his lovely

ROA paints a large mural with JustKids in San Juan, Puerto Rico

After several pieces in Vieques, ROA is now in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he spent the last month for his artist residency with JustKids.The Belgian street artist spent a few days working on this brand new mural on the streets of San Juan where he created this hybrid snake passing through some kind of