Kaws sculptures on display in Amsterdam

It’s been 16 years since graffiti artist from New Jersey turned one of his iconic characters he’s been posting around Manhattan into a 3D vinyl toy. Decade and half later Kaws is a world renown and respected fine artist and is currently showing his large sculptures as a part of Artzuid project in Amsterdam along

BomK “Aérotik” Limited Edition Sculptures

Bom.K, one of the members of the infamous DMV crew, recently announced the upcoming release of his limited edition figures. Based on his familiar character designs, Aérotik sculptures are his first journey into the world of sculpting. Originally, they were conceived inside the artist studio’s spray paint fumes, as he was searching for an alchemy between

Bordalo II New Installations – Lisbon, Portugal

After his Space Grasshopper a few days ago, Bordalo Segundo just wrapped up a series of new street installations on the streets of his hometown in Lisbon, Portugal.Part of his “Big Trash Animals´s collection”, the Portuguese artist dropped these two highly creative pieces showing some “Dirty Ducks” and a “Beeg Bee”. These pieces were made

Edoardo Tresoldi New Installation For Oltre Il Muro Festival – Sapri, Italy

Unveiling a new sculpture, Edoardo Tresoldi was part of the newest edition of Oltre Il Muro Street Art Festival which recently took place on the streets of Sapri in Italy.Edoardo’s meticulously woven sculptures of wire depict a frozen moment in time. The Italian artist returns us to emotional moments almost like referencing a photograph, but

ROTI New Sculpture @ The Independence Square – Kiev, Ukraine

While we are all familiar with his street art murals, French artist ROTI is a stone carver at heart. He recently flew to Kiev, Ukraine to support the ongoing protests. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators returned to the centre of Kiev last weekend, two months since the start of the first anti-government ‘Euromaiden’ protests. Further unrest

Banksy “McDonalds” New Piece For “Better Out Than In” – South Bronx

Day 16 of “Better Out Than In” is upon us and Banksy just revealed another cracker with this fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald.The sculpture is having his shoes shined by a real live boy and it will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for the next week.Today, the piece will be in

Clemens Behr x Low Bros New Installation In Šventoji, Lithuania

Clemens Behr uses the simplest materials to create complex ephemeral architectures, Which fill gallery spaces with origami-like structures. Working with recycled materials and basic geometric forms, Behr dreams up installations did result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects.Visiting the Satta Outside Festival in Šventoji, Lithuania, the German artist teamed up with brk and

Sam3 “Yogi Azul” New Sculpture Available Now

Spanish artist Sam3 just released “Yogi Azul”, this is an edition of 5 glazed ceramics, measures 11 x 17 x 10cm and is available now HERE for 350€ each.