Aryz unveils a large mural in Maracay, Venezuela

The one and only Aryz is currently in South America where she just wrapped up a new piece on the busy streets of Maracay in Venezuela.In town for the Huellas Del Arte Street Art Festival, the Spanish artist famed for his large-scale murals brought to life yet another super piece showing a father and his

Gleo and Apaz collaborate on a new mural in Cali, Colombia

While we last heard from her a few days ago in Mexico, Gleo has now reached the shores of Colombia where she teamed up with local artist Apaz to work on a new piece.Painting on the streets of Cali, the newly formed duo painted this large-mural which is now featuring two fantastic creatures coming straight

JADE paints a striking mural in Barranco, Lima

Constantly busy on the streets of Lima in Peru, JADE has just finished working on yet another brilliant piece located in the district of Barranco.Painting for the Muraliza El Barrio Festival, the Peruvian muralist create this beautiful and striking mural entitled “The Home Of Sigh”.  Located close to the Bridge Of Sigh, one of the

“Understanding and Protection” a new mural by JADE in Barranco, Lima

JADE is back on the streets of his hometown, Lima in Peru where he was invited by the district of Barranco to work on a large new piece.Entitled “Understanding And Protection”, the Peruvian muralist once again brought to life one of his unique creations with this beautiful piece showing a young man laying down on

William Mophos paints a new piece in São Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil

William Mophos just finished working a its latest piece which is located on the streets of  São Bernardo Do Campo, a city in the state of São Paulo, in southern Metropolitan São Paulo and São Paulo micro region.The Brazilian artist hyper-realistic work most of the time depicts people of an unequal society, and is heavily influenced

El Decertor unveils “Illusion”, a new street piece in Miralores, Lima

El Decertor is back in the Miraflores district of Lima in Peru where he just wrapped up a brand new piece entitled “Illusion”As usual with the Peruvian street artist and his impeccable technique, he painted a piece which is featuring some of his folk-inspired South American imagery.Reconvene after the jump for more images on this

Seimiek paints a new mural in Lima, Peru

Seimiek is currently cruising through the city of Lima in Peru where he visited the favela of Cantagallo to work on a new piece.The Peruvian artist quickly painted these two cat musicians which are sure to be enjoyed by the local residents. The piece is entitled “Sea foam green with the band in cantagallo” .Hit the

Decertor paints a new mural in Temuco, Chile

El Decertor was recently invited to paint for the festival Mixtyle which was held in the city of Temuco in Chile.This vibrant piece talks about Ethnical mix in the region with Araucanian Mapuche which are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. Once again, El Decertor displays a brilliant and impeccable technique.Reconvene after the