Stinkfish, Mazatl, Kill Joy – “Walking With The Lenca”

In April and May 2016, street artists Stinkfish, Mazatl and Kill Joy visited the Lenca indigenous communities in Intibucà and San Francisco Lempira in Honduras.  The expedition was the first part of an independent street art initiative, the Cuma Project, whose aim is to support people and communities of Latin America who face injustices due

Stinkfish unveils a new mural in East London, UK

After the successful opening of his solo exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard Street in East London, Stinkfish had the opportunity to paint another piece before flying back home.The Colombian muralist quickly worked his way through this signature piece of work showing two young Asian kids riding a bike which is combined with a

Stinkfish & MazatL collaborate on a new piece in London, UK

Stinkfish is back in the UK where he will soon be opening his latest exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery in East London.In the meantime, the Colombian artist took over the streets of London with a series of new pieces including this latest collaboration with his friend from Mexico MazatL. The end result shows one of

Stinkfish unveils a new piece in Medellin, Colombia

The one and only Stinkfish is back in Colombia where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Medellin.As usual with the Colombian street artist, he brought to life another signature piece showing the stenciled portrait of a young boy with several abstract and vibrant patterns emanating from his

Stinkfish, Mazatl & Killjoy collaborate on a new piece in Phoenix, Arizona

Our buddy Stinkfish just sent us some fresh images from his newest collaboration with Mazatl and Killjoy which was just completed somewhere on the streets of Phoenix in Arizona.The newly formed trio quickly worked their way through this beautiful piece showing some of Stinkfish’s signature stenciled portraiture combined with a sleeping wolf. As usual, several

Stinkfish brings to life new pieces in Beijing, China

Stinkfish is still in China where he just reached the megalopolis of Beijing where he just finished working on a new series of pieces.Collaborating with local artist Robbbb, the Colombian muralist created this large street piece showing the portrait of an elderly asian woman. As usual, the portrait is combined with some abstract patterns and

Stinkfish produces several murals in Hong-Kong

After mainland China, Stinkfish is now in lovely Hong-Kong where he managed to cram in several new street pieces.The globe-trotting street artist once again created some of his signature imagery with this series of stenciled-portraits combined with energetic abstractions and patterns. A beautiful addition to Hong-Kong’s landscape by the Colombian muralist.A bunch of extra shots

Stinkfish creates a new piece on the streets of Xucun in China

Constantly traveling the world, our buddy Stinkfish has now reached the shores of China where he just finished working on a new piece in the village of Xucun.The Colombian artist created this signature stencil-based piece showing a two kids riding a bicycle. As usual with Stinkfish, a bunch of abstract patterns emanating from one of