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Stinkfish, Mazatl, Kill Joy – “Walking With The Lenca”

December 7, 2017
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Stinkfish, Mazatl, Kill Joy – “Walking With The Lenca”

In April and May 2016, street artists Stinkfish, Mazatl and Kill Joy visited the Lenca indigenous communities in Intibucà and San Francisco Lempira in Honduras.  The expedition was the first part of an independent street art initiative, the Cuma Project, whose aim is to support people and communities of Latin America who face injustices due to poverty and the policies of their governments.

For the first edition of Cuma Project, the artists painted murals in communities affected by the violent construction of a hydroelectric dam along their rivers.

The organisers have produced a series of limited edition screen prints that are now on sale on the Cuma Project website, with the 10% of the money raised donated directly to non-profit organization COPINH (The Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras).

A second edition of the project in El Salvador is currently underway for 2018 with new artists…






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