Portrait of a Girl in Blue and Pink by Telmo Miel in Haarlem, NL

Dutch art duo Telmo Miel recently spent a couple of days in Haarlem working on a pretty much 1st large mural in this historic city just outside Amsterdam. Invited by the local initiative that is hoping to bring more color and public pieces into the streets, the artists completed this vibrant mixture of classic and

“Dog Daze Of Summer” by Telmo Miel in Eugene, Oregon

Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just finished a brand new mural for 20×21 EUG mural project in Eugene, Oregon titled “Dog Daze Of Summer”… ‘The dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer, best spend in a Daze. A lost state of mind that might eventually go away. Sometimes considered enjoyable and makes time pass

Two new pieces by Telmo Miel in Australia

Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just wrapped up two new large murals on the streets of Port Adelaide and Perth in Australia. Their first piece above was painted in the precinct of the old Railway Workshops in Perth, Australia. The artwork was inspired by the area around it as the railway workshops supported thousands

Telmo Miel paints a new mural in Deinze, Belgium

Telmo Miel just finished working on a brand new piece for the Art 17, Beste Buren Project which took place a few days ago in Belgium.Painting on the streets of Deinze, the Dutch duo brought to life some of their surreal photo-realistic imagery with this artwork showing a remixed version of the Queen’s guard and

“A Crazy Little Thing Called Glove”, a new mural by TelmoMiel in Heerlen, Netherlands

TelmoMiel are currently in Netherlands where they just finished producing this new piece under the scorching heat of Heerlen.Entitled “A Crazy Little Thing Called Glove”, the street art duo brought to life another surrealistic piece which is featuring some of their hyper-realistic imagery.Take a look at more detailed images after the break and then check

Telmo Miel New Mural For Day One Festival – Antwerp, Belgium

After a few days of work, Street Art duo Telmo Miel just wrapped up this brilliant new piece somewhere on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium.In town for the Day One Festival, the dutch artists dropped some of their signature hyper-realistic imagery with this cute baby and his duckie.Make sure to take a peep at some