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Two new pieces by Telmo Miel in Australia

May 8, 2017
2 min read
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Dutch street art duo Telmo Miel just wrapped up two new large murals on the streets of Port Adelaide and Perth in Australia.

Their first piece above was painted in the precinct of the old Railway Workshops in Perth, Australia. The artwork was inspired by the area around it as the railway workshops supported thousands of families in Western Australia as they were still going, across several generations in many families. There were a lot of European migrants who have arrived to the workshops during the generations, all of them were with limited English language, and there were significant groups of Italian migrants in the workforce.

Their second piece below has been done for the Wonderwalls festival in Port Adelaide, Australia. It was inspired by many roadkills that happen every day, and this kid in the mural wanted to do something about it. With his polished helmet and red cape he is trying to save the day, and this piece has been called “Knight in shining amor”, the present-day use of this phrase is figurative, of course, and it refers back to the notion of gallant knights saving fair maidens in distress. This mural took the artists five days from start to finish.

Take a look below at more images and check back with us shortly to discover more fresh updates from Eastern Hemisphere.

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