Andrew Schoultz New Airplane Piece In Progress, Arizona

Earlier this week, the San Francisco-based Andrew Schoultz started painting an epic new piece on this airplane in Arizona.The American contemporary artist is known for his clandestine street murals, and for making the crossover from street art into fine art. Schoultz produces large scale artworks, in the form of installations, murals, paintings, sculptures etc…Check back

Dabs Myla New Mural In Long Beach

Dabs Myla continue their non-stop take over of the world after a recent European trip and a giant mural in LA last month (covered)This week the Australian Duo attended the Agenda Show in Long Beach, California where they painted a new indoor mural using their trademark imagery.

REVOK x STEEL x REYES New Mural In Long Beach

This sick new collaboration by REVOK, STEEL and REYES has just been completed in Long Beach, California. This huge mural was painted for the Agenda Convention which was held at the Long Beach Convention Center  300 E. Ocean Blvd. Once again, Revok and co delivers an outstanding piece.  Pics by REVOK

El Mac New Mural In Phoenix

El Mac was recently in Phoenix where he painted this new piece on the side of a new art space called Por Vida Gallery on 16th Street.This portrait is bearing his signature style and it’s based on a photo of his friend Chee from LA. “What I like best about this piece is there are

Snyder “Doodle Dunnced” New Street Piece in Carlsbad

Snyder is back with a new street piece located in Carlsbad, California. The color spray-work was already left there by a previous and unknown artist, most likely a kid and it does fit perfectly with Snyder’s new piece.