Stinkfish New Mural – Linz, Austria

Last seen in Bogota, Colombia (covered), Stinkfish is now back in Europe where he just wrapped up this first new piece somewhere in Linz, the third-largest city of Austria.The Colombian street artist spent a few hours working on this new piece which is featuring some of his signature portraiture combined with a series of colourful abstractions.Continue

Hyuro New Street Piece – Valencia, Spain (Part III)

For the past few months, Hyuro has been killing it on the streets of her hometown, Valencia, with several new pieces appearing every week.For once, Hyuro painted a male figure in her female dominant murals. As you can see on the piece, a line of people are waiting to stand up on the step stool just

Fin DAC “Orinoko” New Street Art – Wynwood, Miami

Before flying to Brazil and Sao Paulo, Fin DAC worked his way through one last solo piece in Miami for Art Basel 2013.With this new mural entitled “Orinoko”, the prolific Irish artist has now left four pieces for the locals to enjoy.Continue reading for a better peak at this ultra sexy piece and then check

RONE New Murals – Mexico & Australia

Globe-Trotting artist RONE just sent us his a series of shots from his newest pieces in Mexico and Australia. Invited to paint in Juarez, Mexico by Hola Color 2013, the Australian artist had the opportunity to work along side local creatives trying to make a difference in their city, hosting workshops and murals with the

REKA x RONE “Eyes” New Mural – Miami, USA

Everfresh Crew’s REKA and RONE also spent some time working on this new collaboration on the streets of Miami, USA.The Australian duo quickly painted this “Eyes” mural featuring each artist’s distinctive style and technique.Take a look at more images after the jump and if you are in Miami. you’ll be able to find it on NW

Fin DAC x Angelina Christina “Double Dutch” New Mural For Art Basel ’13 – Miami, USA

Fin DAC and Angelina Christina spent the last few days working on this new collaboration in Miami for Art Basel 2013.Entitled “Double Dutch”, the Irish-American street art duo worked on these beautiful portraits which are featuring each artist’s distinctive style.Continue reading for a full set of images by B4_Flight and if you are in Miami.

David Walker New Mural For Art Basel ’13 – Miami, USA

Our friend David Walker was also in Miami for Art Basel 2013 where he spent two days working on this stunning new piece.Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes, the British artist pushes his unique direction with yet another beautiful piece. This artwork is by far one of the most talked about piece

Fin DAC “Indocea” New Mural – Miami, Florida

After a collaboration in New York City (covered), Fin DAC is now in sunny Miami where he just wrapped up this massive solo piece.In town for Art Basel 2013, the Irish artist painted this vibrant and sensual mural entitled “Indocea”.Check it out up close with several more angles after the jump, then if you are