Three new murals by Ador in Ireland and France

Our good friend Ador has started to work on his new series with a new type of “magician”… These three new murals all feature the new character and they are located in Waterford, Ireland and Nantes, France. Check out more images of the murals below and stay tuned for more updates from Ador…

Ador & Semor Collaborate in Nantes, France

French street art duo Ador & Semor just teamed up on the streets of France to paint for the project Parade Balade et Distortion in the lovely city of Nantes. As usual with Ador and Semor, they created a large scale piece of work which is showing one of their signature comic-like bird-character carrying with him

“Postcard for Donald Trump” by Ador & Ensu in Nantes, France

Freshly returned to Nantes in France, Ador teamed up with his friend Ensu to create a new piece entitled “Postcard For Donald Trump”. The newly formed duo quickly painted this funny piece showing a same-sex couple of foreigners chilling and kissing in a park. The postcard says “Kiss For Donald” and shows a postal stamp

Ador in Brick Lane, London

Ador is back in good old London where he just finished working on this funny new piece which is located on Brick Lane in the East End. Hailing from Nantes in France, Ador creates murals which are featuring his highly imaginative humanoid characters with their  extra-large mouths and super long noses. Ador is now based in the

“Santa” by Ador in Nantes, France

Our friend Ador is back in the town of Nantes in France where he just finished working on a brand new mural for the Christmas season. Ador creates large scale murals filled with his imaginative humanoid characters with large mouths and long noses. This time around, the French artist brought to life a giant Santa

“Street Art Tours”, a new mural by Ador & Semor in London, UK

Ador & Semor recently spent some time in London, UK where they had the opportunity to work on a brand new piece.Using the popular theme of “Street Art Tours”, the French duo brought to life this pretty funny piece showing a group of tourists taking a selfie in front of a Banksy piece. Queen Elizabeth

Ador creates a brilliant piece in Nantes, France

After a lengthy North American tour, Ador is back in France where he just wrapped up a new piece on the streets of his hometown, Nantes.The French street artist created this super funny street piece which shows a nice and round bum running after a group of frightened people. This piece features his unique illustrative

Ador paints new street pieces in Blackpool, UK

Freshly returned from a lengthy North American tour, Ador is now in the UK where he was invited to paint for the Sand, Sea & Spray Street Art Festival 2015.The globe-trotting French artist was given the opportunity to beautify the streets of Blackpool with two different artworks which are showing some of his signature cartoonesqueReconvene