Artist Interview: Alice

Alice Pasquini has developed different paths in her research, from narrating feminine vitality to manipulating the three-dimensional possibilities of her work. She moves from urban explorations to installations using found materials, and her artworks have been exhibited in galleries and museums in more than one hundred cities around the world. We reached Alice in Italy

Alice paints a series of pieces in Civitacampomarano, Italy

Alice recently spent some time and painted a series of new pieces in the city of Civitacampomarano,  a comune in the Province of Campobasso in the Italian region Molise, located about 25 kilometres north of Campobasso. This past weekend I made my way to my grandfather’s town to paint a series of works, many based on

Alice Pasquini paints a new piece in Salerno, Italy

Our friend Alice Pasquini recently stopped by the lovely city of Salerno, Italy where she was invited to work on a new piece.Painting for the Fondazione Alfonso Gatto which iwas one of the most important 20th century Italian poets and born in Salerno. The foundation asked her to create a work inspired by his poetry.

Alice creates a new piece for MOST Festival in Moscow, Russia

Rome-based Alice Pasquini spent the last week on the streets of Moscow in Russia where she was invited to work her magic for the MOST street art Festival.The talented Italian artist quickly painted this signature piece showing a young and beautiful lady taking a peek by her window.Continue onward after the break for a full

Alice New Mural – Syracuse, Sicily

Alice is spending some time on the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy where she just finished working on this new piece on the streets of Syracuse.Entitled “The myth of Arethusa and Alpheus”, the piece was inspired by the spring of Arethusa in Ortygia (Syracuse), a body of freshwater close to the seashore. The legend

Alice New Mural – Cles, Italy

Alice is currently in Italy where she just wrapped up this massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Cles.The Italian muralist spent a few days working on this signature artwork which was painted at the Ospedale Valli del Noce for the 2014th edition of the Wall Lettering Street Art Festival.Continue reading for more images

Alice Pasquini New Mural – Itri, Italy

Alice Pasquini just finished her new wall on the streets of Itri, Italy for the always excellent Memorie Urbane Festival.Inspired by the De Sica’s 1960 film, ‘La Ciociara’ (‘Two Women’ in English) that was filmed here, she transformed this small town wall into a movie set. The wall depicts Sophia Loren, the star of the film,

Alice “Suspended” New Mural – Berlin, Germany

Alice spent the last week in Berlin, Germany where she worked on this massive new piece entitled “Suspended”.The idea behind “Suspended” was to use the wall as a new type of sketchbook, repeating the same portrait in many different positions, just like what you would find on a sketchbook page. Completed in 6 days, the