“Aerial Roots” by Agostino Iacurci in the Azores

Our friend Agostino Iacurci just landed in the Archipelago of the Azores in Portugal where he painted for the always excellent Walk & Talk Festival. Entitled “Aerial Roots”, the Italian muralist unveiled another of his signature illustrative artworks with this piece which is depicting two ladies hidden in between plants, pots and roots. Agostino Iacurci paints using

“Vascular Endemism”, a new mural by Pastel in Azores, Portugal

Our friend Pastel was recently invited to paint on the Azores island in Portugal for the excellent Walk & Talk Street Art Festival.The Argentinean muralist brought to life some of his signature plant-based imagery for the locals to enjoy.Vascular plants are also known as higher plants or tracheophytes. Their defining characteristic is the differentiation of