“The Artist as Saint Roch squaring the circle on a wall in Gerocarne” by Basik in Italy

This mural is part of the first edition of the Nostoi Street Art Festival in Gerocarne, a small town in Calabria region (south of Italy) which followed the theme of “The Return”. Nostoi, a greek word literally meaning “Returns”, is in fact the title of a poem, part of the Trojan cycle, which told the

“San Pietro” by Basik in Viseu, Portugal

Basik just sent us some pictures from his latest mural in Viseu, Portugal for Tons de Primavera Street Art Festival. “St. Peter holds the book of encryption” is a contemporary reinterpretation of “St. Peter in his throne”, a painting by portuguese Renaissance master Grão Vasco, who in fact was born in Viseu. The mural is to be

“The Martyrdom Of Saint-Cecilia”, a piece by Basik in Mutonia, Italy

Basik just sent us some images from his newest piece which took place somewhere in the city of Mutonia in Italy for the Vertigo Truth project.The painting features a frontal tribute of Stefano Maderno’s sculpture, the “Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia”, a noble roman woman and early martyr which later became titled as protector of musicians;

Basik & 2501 collaborate on a new mural in Ancona, Italy

Basik and 2501 recently spent some time near Ancona in Italy where they’ve been invited to create a new piece on this beautiful train station.The Italian Street Art duo joined forces and brushes and created “Alfa E Omega”, a2 black and gold piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. Black wavy lines

Basik unveils “Thauma”, its latest piece in Misterbianco, Italy

Our friend Basik just sent us a series of images after he spent month in Sicily for an artist residency organized by the I ART program. The Italian artist was  located in the town of Misterbianco, very close to mount Etna, where he managed to create a mural on the local auditorium.The piece is called “Thauma

Basik “Omnia Mutantur” Limited Edition Screen-Print

Italian street artist Basik just released a brand new limited edition screen-print via the good lads of the excellent Viavai Project.“Omnia Mutantur” is an edition of 50, screen-printed on Rosaspina paper 285 gsm, it measures 50 x 70 cm and comes signed and numbered by the artist.Continue reading for more images on this print which is

Basik New Mural For Traffic Design – Gdynia, Poland

Our friend Basik is currently in Poland where he just finished working on this massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Gdynia.In town for the 2014 edition of the Traffic Design Street Art Festival, the Italian muralist painted this character  hidden under a black and gold robe against vibrant blue hands that really pops.Take a

Basik New Mural For The ViaVai Project – Racale, Italy (Part II)

Basik is still in Racale where he just finished working on his second piece for the always excellent ViaVai Project. The piece takes its inspiration from the history of the town of Racale as well as the elements of its seal. Two black hands casting the shadow of a wolf serve as reminders for the