Brussels, the giant penis mystery (NSFW)

This looks like a Belgian joke and yet it actually happened in Brussels. The residents of the Saint-Gilles neighborhood were surprised to discover over the week-end a giant cock painted in black and white just in front of a Catholic institute. The author of the piece has not yet been identified. Some people immediately linked it to

Bonom New Mural In Brussels, Belgium

A mysterious artist with a unique style, Bonom covers the rooftops of European cities with an impressive amount of pets and strange characters of all kinds. With rollers and brushes, Bonom is a “climber”, undeterred by any vertical challenge.The Belgian painted just completed this massive illegal piece featuring some of his signature imagery.If you stop by

Bonom New Street Pieces In Brussels, Belgium

Most street art fans from Paris or Brussels heard of Bonom, he is a very mysterious artist with a truly unique style.Bonom loves to cover the rooftops of European cities with his unique pets and strange chimeras, he recently painted a new piece in Brussels with those scary looking spiders. Pics by Kriebel