Rabi x JR in Los Angeles, California

Our friend Rabi of Cyrcle just finished a gigantic collaboration with JR for Branded Arts Maya Angelou Mural Festival which just happened in Los Angeles, California. Part of JR’s Inside Out Project, the French artist create a large installation with hundreds of portraits that were taken at the school. Rabi from Cyrcle spent a few days

“Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves” by Faith47 in Los Angeles

Our friend Faith47 just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Los Angeles which is entitled “Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves”. The title is the embodiment of the philosophical question as to how power can be held to account. In reference to the impossibility of enforcing moral behavior when the enforcers are

DFace creates a new mural for Branded Arts in Los Angeles, USA

Passing through Los Angeles for the opening of his solo exhibition “Scars and Stripes”, DFace linked up with the good lads from Branded Arts to work on a new mural.The famed British street artist and his team quickly painted this brilliant piece which is featuring some of his signature imagery.Hit the jump for more images

Greg Simkins Craola New Mural – Los Angeles, USA

American artist Greg Simkins Craola, recently teamed up with Branded Arts and Graphaids store in LA, and created this large impressive mural in Culver City. Taking a break from working on his upcoming animated movie Im Scared: The Movie, the piece was finished in couple of days.In the spirit of his canvas works, this surrealistic image

Tristan Eaton x Richard Henderson New Mural – Santa Monica, USA

After a project with Versace and POW! WOW! Hawaii in Honolulu, Tristan Eaton is back in the Los Angeles area to collaborate on this new piece with Richard Henderson.Organised by Warren Brand from Branded Arts, the newly formed street art duo spent two long days working on this vibrant piece featuring each artists’ distinctive style.Continue