#BushfireBrandalism Across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

“As a collective group of Australian artists, we have been driven to reclaim public advertising space with posters speaking to the Australian government’s inaction on climate change and the devastating bushfires. We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual’. We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our

Secret Walls Australia 2018

Secret Walls returns to Australia for 3 epic battles this November in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne… The highlight of the three shows is undoubtedly The Vic Bar’s Park St Party, where the mighty Callum Preston returns from his previous win with Heesco to team up with Cassie Stevens, defending the champion belt against Mitch Walder and

“Head in the clouds” by Fintan Magee in Brisbane, Australia

Australian superstar Fintan Magee just wrapped up yet another beautiful piece of street art which is located somewhere on the streets of Brisbane in Australia. Born in Lismore NSW, the Australian artist moved to Brisbane at a young age and began drawing shortly after. Later on, he was exposed to the graffiti culture and began tagging on walls. Moving

Guido Van Helten paints a new mural in Brisbane, Australia

Guido Van Helten recently stopped by his hometown of South Brisbane in Australia where he was invited to paint for the Pillars Project.As usual with the Australian street artist, he spent a few days working on this stunning monochromatic portrait. The content and theme of the work was based on a collaboration with Historian/Artist and

Fintan Magee paints “Flood” for the Pillars Project in Brisbane, Australia

Before his arrival in Las Vegas for Life Is Beautiful, Fintan Magee spent a few days in Brisbane, Australia where he was invited by the Pillars Project.The Australian artist painted yet another amazing piece which is entitled “Flood”. Fintan draws on personal experience with the 2011 Brisbane floods and explores greater issues of climate change

Fintan Magee New Mural – Brisbane, Australia

Slowly taking over the world with his artworks, Fintan Magee is now back in Australia where he just wrapped up this new piece somewhere in Brisbane.Entitled “Carrying A Queenslander through the snow in a shirt and shorts”, the Australian artist once again dropped an amazing piece featuring some of his key elements, such as the

Fintan Magee “High Tide” New Mural – Brisbane, Australia

Freshly back from an extensive trip in Buenos Aires (covered), Fintan Magee is already up and working in Brisbane, Australia where he just finished this new piece.Entitled “High Tide”, the Australian street artist quickly painted this piece showing his signature characters that help you immediately differentiate his work.Tell us how you feel about this piece

Fintan Magee “Missing Keys” New Street Art – Brisbane, Australia

“Missing Keys” is the latest offering to the streets of Brisbane by the popular Australian Street Artist Fintan Magee.After travelling through Europe and Hong Kong, the Aussie painter is now back at home where he spent a few hours working on this sweet piece.Make sure to check out some progress shots after the break and