Coverage – Beyond The Streets NYC, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Beyond The Streets NYC is a wet dream for any street art fan, or art enthusiast in general.  The sheer magnitude of this exhibition is just incredible.  Over a hundred and fifty of the greatest graffiti and street artist who have ever blessed this earth all together presented on two floors, spanning an entire city

Broken Fingaz x U2

One week ago, Haifa’s Broken Fingaz Crew got a call from Universal, saying U2 wanted them to create an animated video of the lyrics for their new song ‘American Soul’, with an intro by Kendrick Lamar. 7 days later, they made this stop-motion film, filmed in Haifa, London and Rajasthan… It’s a pretty solid effort for

Broken Fingaz creates a new mural in Haifa, Israel

Broken Fingaz are currently in their hometown of Haifa in Israel, where they just finished working on a sick new piece.It took two days for the Israelis collective to complete this artwork which talks about their national laws and the fact that the government is trying to convince the citizens that its impossible to live

Broken Fingaz New Street Art Mural For Urban Spree In Berlin, Germany

While we last heard from them in Amsterdam (covered), Broken Fingaz are now in Germany where they just wrapped up this new piece on the streets of Berlin.Invited by Urban Spree, the Israeli Street Art Crew quickly painted this holocaust inspired piece which you will be able to find around Warschauer Str.Continue reading for more images

Broken Fingaz “Part Of Nature” New Print Available September 18th

Later this week, the Israeli Street Art crew Broken Fingaz will be releasing a brand new print entitled “Part Of Nature”.This print is an edition of 15, it measures 50 x 75cm, it comes signed and numbered by Broken Fingaz and it will be available for 150 euro.Continue reading for a full set of angles on

Broken Fingaz New Mural In Amsterdam, Netherlands

After several days of hard work, the Broken Fingaz crew just wrapped up this massive new mural in Amsterdam, Netherlands.Formed in 2001, Broken Fingaz are originally from Haifa in Northern Israel. The crew consist of four members who are Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga.This brilliant patchwork mural was painted on the MDSM building, you’ll find