Three new pieces from Artez in Serbia and India

Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez is one of the leading Serbian aritsts to emerge on the local graffiti scene, best known as an artist who likes to mix photo-realism and illustrations, with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colours of his work. While we haven’t heard much from Artez in a while, he

Roamcouch “When You Wish Upon A Star – Paris” Limited Edition Screen Print

Japanese stencil master Roamcouchwill be releasing a new print entitled “When You Wish Upon A Star – Paris” via Mudob and Under The Bridge NYC. The print version is an edition of 50, it measures 805 x 523mm, fifteen-color screen print on Cotton100% 300gsm paper, singed & numbered and priced 30000JPY/$300. The canvas version is