“Hoy Villa Francisca” a new Mural Project in Dominican Republic

The Curatorial Project “hoy Villa Francisca”, located in the center of the Villa Francisca, takes place at a time when globally, a considerable number of cities include public art in its dynamics of urban transformation, fulfilling strategic objectives, as the incorporation of art and the enhancement of important cultural aspects, giving development opportunities to new

Evoca1 paints “Gallos, Espuelas Y Memorias Viejas” in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Evoca1 recently spent some time in Dominican Republic where he worked his magic on this new mural somewhere on the streets of Santiago.The talented artist painted this piece entitled “Gallos, Espuelas Y Memorias Viejas”(Rooster, Spurs And Old Memories). this mural is part of a series of work based on nostalgia. This piece is in no

Ludo New Street Pieces – Saint-Barthélémy

Ludo is still touring through the Caribbean islands where he just finished working on a new series of pieces around the streets of Saint-Barthélémy.As usual with the French street artist, he brought some of his signature green mutant imagery for the locals to enjoy. Working under the heat, Ludo dropped over 8 new different pieces such

Ludo New Street Pieces – Saint Martin Island

Ludo is currently on Saint Martin Island in the northeast Caribbean where he just finished working on a series of new street pieces.A student of graphic design and sociology, Ludo merges nature into biomorphic Frankenplants; giant green flowers with closed circuit televisions instead of pistols, cabbages with automatic weapons, cacti that turn into syringes and