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“Hoy Villa Francisca” a new Mural Project in Dominican Republic

August 5, 2018
2 min read
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The Curatorial Project “hoy Villa Francisca”, located in the center of the Villa Francisca, takes place at a time when globally, a considerable number of cities include public art in its dynamics of urban transformation, fulfilling strategic objectives, as the incorporation of art and the enhancement of important cultural aspects, giving development opportunities to new art scenes through the use of intervened public spaces, creating a conversation and redefining concepts and ideas pertinent to the use of these spaces to change the awareness of them.

This street art festival had a cultural and social agenda of great importance. During this week, 10 national and international artists developed a series of public murals in a defined circuit in the central part of the neighborhood. Among the international artists we have David Zayas and Spear Torres, both from Puerto Rico. Then among the local artists were Angurria, Poteleche, Evoca1, MedioPeso, Los Plebeyos, Ivana Candelier and Modafoca.

It also gave the public the opportunity to collaborate during the event with initiatives such as “The local suite”, a call open to the public through social networks that invited people who wanted to paint could participate and contribute positively to the neighborhood.

Together with the Mayor’s Office of the National District, they developed an agenda of cultural activities for the community such as storytelling, painting workshops, zumba, recycling workshops, among others.

Take a look below for more images by TOST films and keep checking back with us for more updates from the Caribbean.

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