El Mac and Celso Gonzalez collaborate on a large mural in Harlem, New York City

The Monument Art Festival recently took place on the streets of New York City where El Mac and Celso Gonzalez teamed up to work on this massive wall located in Harlem.After several days of intense work on this vintage building, the American-Puerto Rican duo unveiled a beautiful piece of street art showcasing a stunning portrait by

“Los Muros Hablan” New York City, August 19-25th

Los Muros Hablan, one of the world’s best Urban Art Festials will be bringing their art and music straight from Puerto Rico to El Barrio in New York City.Starting on August 19th with a line-up including Axel Void, Jufe, LNY, Elian & Pastel or Celso Gonzalez, Los Muros Hablan is sure to be an unmissable event