November 22, 2019
1 min read
As INTI began this work in collaboration with Galeria Lira, the biggest social mobilization in Chilean history is brewing throughout the country. Both the title and the elements that dress the female figure changed according to the pulse of chaos and civil disobedience that HE experienced during the first days of mobilization, which was followed…
INTI unveils several new murals in South America
February 11, 2019
2 min read
After some time painting walls outside South America, and in search of a return to his roots in America, INTI has created a series of 4 murals in 4 countries throughout Latin America. A trip looking to portray and learn from the small-profound details of cultural diversity. Confronting issues such as; the environmental impact caused…
“PACHAKUTI” by INTI in Arica, Chile
January 23, 2017
1 min read
This mural by INTI was made in the city of Arica, north of Chile. As a frontier city, is for many, the end of a narrow and homogeneous country. However, for others means a continuation or entrance to that South America rich in miscegenation and traditions. The cross-wise South America that knows no political borders…
“Never Give Up” by Millo in Santiago, Chile
December 13, 2016
1 min read
Italian artist Millo recently spent some time in South America where he was invited by the Hecho En Casa Street Art Festival which took place in Chile a few weeks ago. Painting on the streets of Santiago, Millo once again went big with this super-sized wall which is entitled “Never Give Up”. The piece shows…
“Barriers” a new street installation by SpY in Santiago, Chile
July 9, 2015
1 min read
After a brilliant piece entitled “Crisis”, SpY is back with a brand new street installation entitled “Barriers”. The Spanish artist was invited in Santiago, Chile to create this piece of art which consists of a circle shaped formation made with pedestrian safety barriers. The installation was executed in a deprived neighbourhood of the city of…
Decertor paints a new mural in Temuco, Chile
February 27, 2015
1 min read
El Decertor was recently invited to paint for the festival Mixtyle which was held in the city of Temuco in Chile.This vibrant piece talks about Ethnical mix in the region with Araucanian Mapuche which are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. Once again, El Decertor displays a brilliant and impeccable technique.Reconvene after the…
Ella & Pitr “The Sleeping Giant Of Santiago” New Street Piece – Santiago, Chile
April 16, 2014
1 min read
Ella & Pitr are still in South America where they just finished working on another enormous piece at the Cerrilos airport in Santiago, Chile.Entitled “The Sleeping Giant Of Santiago”, the French duo painted this gigantic sleeping man resting before his next flight. Perfect placement.Hit the jump for another look at the giant and then let…
Ella & Pitr New Rooftop Piece – Santiago, Chile
March 30, 2014
1 min read
Ella & Pitr are currently travelling through Chile where they worked on a new series of pieces including this massive rooftop somewhere on the streets of Santiago.Working with a simple idea, the French duo delivers an amazing piece featuring a giant homeless person. Creating their own contemporary vision of humanity, their work highlights the ordinary…
INTI New Murals For Hecho En Casa – Santiago, Chile
December 11, 2013
1 min read
Our friend INTI is currently in Chile where he just wrapped up not one, but two murals on the streets of Santiago. In town for the Hecho En Casa Street Art Festival, the Chilean muralist dropped two beautiful pieces featuring his signature folkloric characters. Continue reading for more images on these pieces and then if you…
Blu New Mural For Hecho En Casa – Santiago, Chile
December 11, 2013
1 min read
While we last heard from him in Messina, Italy last summer (covered), Blu is now in South America for the Hecho En Casa Street Art Festival in Santiago, Chile. With this new piece, the Italian maestro decided to highlight the HidroAysén megaproject that aims to build five hydroelectric power plants in Chile’s Aysén Region, two on the…