Video: Isolated
May 10, 2020
9 min read
One artists video request results in 37 artists answering from all over the world The urban contemporary artist and photographer Falk Lehmann – whos alias AKUT is well known as a photorealistic painter in the street art and graffiti scene as founder of the legendary German graffiti collective Ma’Claim and one part of the artistic…
Conor Harrington in Paris
April 5, 2017
1 min read
Irish artist Conor Harrington just completed a monumental mural in the heart of the XIII district in Paris. The 30 meters high mural titled ‘Embrace and Fight’ depicts two male characters dressed in period costume fighting against each other. The mural is part of the Street Art 13 mural programme initiated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh of Galerie Itinerrance…
Conor Harrington & Franco Fasoli “JAZ” collaborate on a large mural in Sao Paulo
October 30, 2015
1 min read
Franco Fasoli and Conor Harrington recently completed a huge new mural as part of the O.bra street art Festival which took place in Largo do Arouche on the streets of Sao Paolo in Brazil.The Irish-Argentinean all-star street art duo worked for 10 days straight on this monumental piece which references different conflicts in Latin America;…
Conor Harrington creates a new mural in Warsaw, Poland for Street Art Doping
July 13, 2015
1 min read
Our friend Conor Harrington is currently in Poland where he was invited by the good lads from Street Art Doping to work on a new piece.Painting on the streets of Warsaw, the Irish muralist created yet another impressive big mural which is entitled “Warsaw Fight Club”. As usual with Conor, he brought to life some…
Conor Harrington unveils a new piece in Copenhagen, Denmark
June 18, 2015
1 min read
While we last heard from him in Aalborg, Conor Harrington also stopped by Copenhagen in Denmark where he was part of the line-up for the excellent Surface Outdoor Project curated by Søren Solkær.The Irish artist quickly worked his way through yet another massive mural which is now showing one of his signature battle scenes. Two…
Conor Harrington creates a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark
June 8, 2015
1 min read
Invited by the good lads from Gallery Kirk, Conor Harrington landed in Denmark where he spent about three days working on a massive building.Painting on a quiet residential street of Aalborg, the Irish muralist brought to life this beautiful monochrome artwork depicting one of his signature colonial characters. Using a black-background, the piece really pops…
Conor Harrington unveils a new mural in Walthamstow, London
May 22, 2015
1 min read
Earlier this afternoon and after just two days and a few hours of work, Conor Harrington finished working on this massive piece on the streets of London in the UK.Painting in Walthamstow Central, a district of North-East London for the Wood Street Walls festival, the Irish artist unveils a beautiful artwork which depicts two of his…
Conor Harrington and Maser collaborate on a new mural in Fort Smith, USA
March 11, 2015
1 min read
Conor Harrington is currently in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he just finished working on this epic collaboration with Maser.Partner in crime, the Irish duo quickly worked on this massive mural which is now featuring each artist’s distinctive style. If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find it at the Bordertown Skate Shop.The…
Conor Harrington paints a second new mural for the Lisa Project in New York City
September 25, 2014
1 min read
Conor Harrington is still in new york city where he spent his day working on a second new piece for the Lisa Project in manhattan.Painting on Lafayette, the talented Irish artist unveiled another stunning portrait which was painted using water, acetone and paint.Hit the jump for more images by Spencer Elzey and Daniel Weintraub after…
Conor Harrington creates a new piece for The Lisa Project in New York
September 24, 2014
1 min read
Conor Harrington has landed in New York City for the opening of his upcoming exhibition “Eat And Delete” with Lazarides.Earlier today, the Irish artist teamed up with the Lisa Project to work on this new piece in Manhattan. As usual with Conor, he quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing one of his…

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