DALeast New Mural – Warsaw, Poland

DALeast is currently in Poland where he just finished working on this new street piece somewhere on the streets of Warsaw.The South-Africa-based muralist quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing a bird and snake.Hit the jump for more images and then check back with us soon for more street art updates from Poland.

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of 2013

1. Banksy – USA With 2013 coming to an end, its time to unveil the 25 most popular pieces of the year (based on unique pageviews) on StreetArtNews. 2013’s most notorious event has been Banksy’s month long show in New York City, “Better Out Than In” and to no surprise he ranks #1 this year.

DALeast New Mural For “Maus Malaga” – Malaga, Spain

Before flying to Puerto Rico (covered), DALeast stopped by Southern Spain where he worked on this brilliant new piece.Invited by Maus Malaga, the Chinese muralist brought his street art to Malaga for the first time. As usual with DAL, he dropped an amazing piece featuring a myriad of flying birds bursting out from a giant

DALeast New Mural For Los Muros Hablan ’13 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

After two pieces in Spain, DALeast is now in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the always excellent Los Muros Hablan Street Art Festival.As usual with the Chinese muralist, he dropped a stunning piece featuring his signature frenetic line-based work. This piece is based on a statue of Christopher Colombus which is located in Viejo San Juan

Nuart Street Art Festival ’13: Indoor Coverage David Choe, Ernest Zacharevic, M-City, DALeast, C215, Aiko, Faith47, Martin Whatson…

We conclude our coverage of Nuart 2013 with an amazing coverage of the indoor pieces brought to us by our friend Henrik Haven. While we’ve already covered the outdoor pieces, most artists also painted indoor working on murals or clever installations. Starting with David Choe to Ernest Zacharevic, DALeast or M-City, this is pure quality

DALeast New Mural For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway

DALeast was recently in Norway for the excellent Nuart Festival where his Street Art was the highlight of this year’s edition.As usual with the Chinese superstar, his energy infused work is unique amongst artists currently working on the streets. Painting both indoor and outdoor, DAL delivered two amazing pieces including a set of vibrant horses.Continue

DALeast New Mural In Heerlen, Netherlands

DALeast recently stopped by the Netherlands where he spent a few days working on this new mural somwhere on the streets of Heerlen.Entitled “Self-Portrait”, the Chinese artist dropped some of his signature energetic line-work with a massive feline.Continue reading for a full photo set on the piece and watch out for more updates from DALeast

DALeast New Mural In Rochester, USA

After a brilliant piece in Los Angeles (covered), DALeast is now in Rochester, USA for the always excellent Wall Therapy Festival.Incorporating various elements in this new piece such as a boat, a wave and an eagle, the Chinese artist and his energetic line work yet again delivers an outstanding piece of work.See more detailed shots by