DAL x Faith47 New Mural In Thessaloniki, Greece

Globetrotters DAL and Faith47 were in Greece earlier this month during the 15th Biennial of Young Artists for a project called “FaceArt-Public Murals”.It took them a week to paint this huge new collab on the streets of Thessaloniki combining DAL’s sick lines and one of Faith47’s character full of colours and emotions.This is once again

DAL “No Surrender” New Mural In Paris, France

DAL does it again! Right after “Kelpie” yesterday (covered), he painted “No Surrender” today in Paris.The execution is as usual sick with DAL, using only white and black cans, he delivers a strong new piece again.This last piece concludes DAL’s European trip, we look forward to see more from him soon! Thanks to DAL for

DAL “Kelpie” New Mural In Montry, France

DAL‘s last piece in Germany was impressive (Covered) but this new mural in France is stunning.Called “Kelpie” it was painted this afternoon in just a few hours using only different shades of Black and White. Pictures by DAL

DAL New Mural In Cologne, Germany

Chinese artiste DAL was in Germany for the CityLeaks festival where he painted this amazing piece on the streets of Cologne with his trademark line style. Make sure to stop and check his website, his work is completely sick and you’ll be sure to hear more from him in the future! Bottom pics by CityLeaks,