“Inner Shadow” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano just finished “Inner Shadow”, a mural painted in the Buceo quarter in collaboration with Ciudad en Construcción, Buceo Project by the architects Muma Sebasti and Silvia Perossio. The objective of the project is to revitalize public spaces located between the homes of the Diving Unit and it is developed

“Blue Sky That Travels” by David De La Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

David De La Mano just dropped us some sweet images from his latest artwork that was recently painted on the streets of Montevideo in Uruguay. Entitled “Blue sky that travels”, the title is part of the lyrics from one of the most popular songs of Anibal Sambayo: “River of the birds”. This legendary track is

“Before The Silence” by David De La Mano in Saint-Nazaire, France

Our buddy David De La Mano just returned from Saint-Nazaire in France where he was invited by the town hall and Itinerrance Gallery. “Before The Silence” is a metaphor of the allied struggle during the events that occurred in the Second World War in the city of Saint-Nazaire. Painted in his signature monochrome style, this

“Uncertain Journey” by David De La Mano in Haarlem, Netherlands

Prolific Muralist and painter David De La Mano just landed in Europe for the summer street art festival season! Working on the streets of Haarlem, a city outside of Amsterdam in the northwest Netherlands, David was given the opportunity to work on an unusually shaped facade. The end result is entitled “Uncertain Journey” and depicts

“Gray Habitat” by David De La Mano in Berlin

Long time world traveller David De La Mano is now in Berlin where he was invited by the good people from Urban Nation. Painting for the “One Wall” mural project curated by Yasha Young, the talented artist brought to life one of his over-sized shadows in the streets of Berlin. Entitled “Gray Habitat”, the piece

“Broken Streets” by David De La Mano in Montevideo

Our friend David De La Mano just sent us a series of images from his latest personal project in Uruguay. David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary artist best known for his stunning murals often depicting silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery. de la Mano is a versatile artist who excels from drawing to

“About Memory” by David De La Mano in Seattle

Our friend David De La Mano just sent us some images from “About Memory”, his latest street art work which just appeared on the streets of Seattle. The piece was organized by 4Culture Public Art and curated by Gage Hamilton. The artwork can be found at Sodo Track. The SODO Track spans 5th Ave South

“Silent Sound” by David De La Mano in Uruguay

This mural by David De La Mano entitled “Silent Sound” was painted some weeks ago in the Southern district of Montevideo in Uruguay. Inspired by the “parade of calls” which takes place through these streets, where all the local drummers participate as part of the Uruguayan Carnival. This mural was part of a interactive project