“PA_1277, 1278 & 1279” By Invader In Paris

Once again, the one and only Mr Space Invader unveiled a series of brand new urban invasions on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France! For Space Invader, the liberation of art goes beyond the confines of gallery walls. Taking a step further, he brings the video game Space Invaders into our physical world, materialises the

“PA_1275 & 1276” by Invader in Paris

Constantly active on the streets of Paris since over a decade, Invader recently spent a night out for a new wave of Invasions! Geared with a ladder, cement, glue and a lot of mosaic tiles, the French artist created two signature pieces including one that you may have sighted in the shape of a sticker

“Nahash” & “Straight To The Point” by Ludo in Paris, France

French street artist Ludo just returned to the streets of Paris with two brand new interventions that just popped up somewhere on the streets of the city of lights. Entitled distinctively, “Nahash” & “Straight To The Point”, Ludo brought to life some of his large-scale signature imagery which this time is featuring an oversized “Snake-Bush”

“Swallow” by Ludo in Roubaix, France

Prolific French artist Ludo just returned from Northern France where he spent a few days working on what may be his largest piece to date on the streets of Roubaix. Painting for the “La Condition Public Museum”, the Paris-based muralist brought to life this superb new piece entitled “Swallow”. 20 meters high by 36 meters wide,

“Love After All” by Ludo in Paris

Despite the winter season in Europe, Ludo is back on the streets of Paris in France with a brand new piece which is entitled “Love After All”. As usual with the French street artist, he brought to life an oversized artwork featuring some of his signature elements. Great start of the year for Ludo! Take

“The Abduction of Europa” by MP5 in Saint Chamond, France

Italian artist Mp5 just wrapped up a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Saint Chamond in France which is entitled “The Abduction of Europa”. In Greek mythology Europa  was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman with Phoenician origin of high lineage, and for whom the continent Europe was named. The

“PA_1251 – PA_1263” by Invader in Paris

Our friend Invader has been rather busy on the streets of Paris with a bunch of new invasion that popped up all around the city of lights. Mixing a wide range of Traditional invasions with his adorable pixelated characters, the French street artist also brought to life several video games based invasions such as the

“Fly On, Little Wing” & “Swallow On Roses” by Ludo in Paris

Despite the harsh winter conditions currently taking place in Paris, French artist Ludo continues to push his art forward with a series of new pieces that just appeared somewhere on the streets of his hometown. Entitled “Fly On, Little Wing” & “Swallow On Roses”, Ludo brought to life some of his signature mutant green imagery showing