“Freedom” by MAR in Pressigny-les-Pins, France

The Festival LaBel Valette recently took place on the streets of Pressigny-les-Pins in France. Several artists were invited including Brazilian artist MAR. MAR created this beautiful new piece entitled “Freedom” ( “Liberte” in French ). Maximum expression of Freedon in a world driven by power and control. The hope of waking up on sunny days

“Before The Silence” by David De La Mano in Saint-Nazaire, France

Our buddy David De La Mano just returned from Saint-Nazaire in France where he was invited by the town hall and Itinerrance Gallery. “Before The Silence” is a metaphor of the allied struggle during the events that occurred in the Second World War in the city of Saint-Nazaire. Painted in his signature monochrome style, this

“Ephemera” & “Swallow” by Ludo in Paris, France

The heatwave happening in Europe at the moment didn’t stop Ludo for creating a series of fresh new pieces on the streets of Paris in France. Entitled “Ephemera” and “Swallow”, the prolific Parisian street artist once again created a series of unique artworks which are featuring his signature twisted creatures with a splash of green.

Monkeybird in Decazeville, France

French artistic duo Monkeybird just sent us some images from their latest mural which was just created in the city of Decazeville in France. As usual with the two talented artists, the result is an incredibly detailed and intricate artwork that can only catch your eyes and attention for quite some time. The piece was

“Martine in the forest” by Telmo Miel in Versailles, France

Street Art duo Telmo Miel just dropped a brand new mural in Versailles, France thanks to the people from the Quai36 project. The piece is entitled “Martine in the forest” and features the artists impeccable technique. The reflection is on nature, its place in our cities and our relationship with it. About the protection of our

Fresh Flowers by Ludo in Paris

Ludo just dropped a series of new pieces somewhere on the busy streets of his hometown Paris in France. Geared up with his artworks and glue, the French artist once again brought to life two oversized mutant flowers. The thorns are replaced with human-made barb-wire. Ludo has been mixing up nature and human-made weaponry or

“Process of Acceleration” by Li-Hill in Grenoble, France

Canadian artist Li-Hill just wrapped up “Process Of Acceleration”, a large new mural in France for the Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes. Based on research about Grenoble, this piece speaks about the technological and environmentally focused innovation hub that Grenoble has become. How the geographic setting of Grenoble amid the mountains and rushing rivers, allowed

Andrew Hem “Fragmentz” Solo Exhibition @ Paris’ Galerie Openspace

Since the creation of Galerie Openspace in 2012, Nicolas Chenus and Samantha Longhi have set for mission to showcase talented international artists little known in France. Today, for the very first time in France, they present the work of a Cambodian American artist coming from an illustration back- ground and the Californian skate culture. The