Stinkfish unveils new pieces in Toulouse & Paris in France

Our friend Stinkfish just spent a couple weeks in France where he travelled around the country in order to bring his magic to the streets of Toulouse, Lurcy Levis and Paris. The Colombian superstar brought to life some of his signature stencil-based imagery with a series of striking portraits. As usual with Stinkfish, his art pieces

Second wave of invasion by Invader in Versailles, France

Invader just returned to Versailles in France for a second wave of invasion bringing his total to 5 pieces in the small city located in the suburbs of Paris. After leaving his mark on the ocean floor as well as in outer space, thousands of mosaics and over 70 invaded cities later, Invader’s work is being

Monkeybird in Grenoble, France

French duo Monkeybird just wrapped up an impressive piece of work in southern France for the Grenoble Street Art Festival which took place last week. Based out of Bordeaux, the two artists using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks ( wild animals in urban areas ). They started in 2010 and use stencil, collages, spray painting, drawing, carving, silkscreen

Invader Invades Versailles in France

Recently returned from sunny Malaga in Spain, Invader just decided to tackle a new city to invade with the iconic and world-renowned Versailles in France. Versailles is a city on the southwest outskirts of Paris, known for the opulent Palace of Versailles. the French artist kicked off the first wave with two brand new mosaic

Anamorphic project by Elian in Saint Gervais, France

Elian has recently finished his latest project in one of Saint Gervais parking lots. The artist has used the parking lot as a space creation tool and during the week he has covered around two square kilometers of concrete in acrylic paint. The project is called “Using Painting for Sculptural Purposes” and it was curated by

New mural from Jana & JS in Paris, France

Last time when we heard from Street Art couple Jana & JS on Streetartnews, it was their interview on our website that you can find here. This time they are back with another mural of a couple. Artist couple said that their intentions are multiples and they believe that interpretations can also be multiple, and this

Maye In Paris, France

French artist MAYE has just finished its first fresco in Paris as part of the Street Art 13 project. From this building on 131 boulevard Vincent Auriol, the artist takes us to his region: the Camargue. The artist’s works are always inspired by his memories. As usual, no element is left to chance and every detail

David Walker in Lieusaint, France

David Walker recently returned from France where he just unveiled a brand new street art mural somewhere on the streets of Lieusaint. Painted for the Wall Street Art Festival, the British street painter spent several days to create this beautiful piece of work showing the portrait of a young lady called Yuli. We can recognize his unique